lovespirit london 24/9/11

200 queers from diverse spiritual and sexual backgrounds singing a chant of devotion love and aspiration ……

om the sacred sound of unity

namah the reaching out with open heart

shivaya the divine spark in each of us

lovespirit gathering happened in central London 24th September 2011

a day of workshops exploring who we are

our connections, stories and feelings

Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Pagan

United in going beyond apparent differences, open to understanding of each other

Celebrating spirit directly and communally through love, communication, meditation, touch, dance and creativity

Queer history of spiritual service remembered

Queer present of wounding and struggle addressed

Queer future of light and transformation foreseen

The next step in our journey of liberation is happening

at the picnic the following day in gordon square 99 women became dancing dakinis ringing bells as they flew around the garden and around us, cleansing and banishing stuck negative spirit – every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings

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