faerie summer


BELTANE is the festival heralding summer, at the midpoint of spring we celebrate the victory of the light over the dark, building big fires in the night to burn away fears and making our own energy raising fertility rituals, sex-affirming ceremonies in the woods – 25 naked or painted men planted a maypole on the FOLLETERRE faerie prairie… our tallest maypole yet! Symbol of our aspirations and potential.

SUMMER SOLSTICE naked men again… all night around a roaring fire at a camp near hastings. Ancient lands, ancient ways. Drumming, dancing, stories and song. The women stayed away – the weather had been stormy, but for our fire night the winds dropped, the rain held off and the moon and stars came out.

BUDDHAFIELD Festival manifesting the QUEER DOME in a team of four. Holding heart circles, tea parties and energy attunements, we provide a place for queers to meet and talk each day. Lots come and beautiful, significant new connections to the queerweb are made

Racing back to London from the festival with Gary Smith to dodge mighty downpours to get to LOVEBOX, music festival in Victoria Park. Its Gay Day – we see beth ditto, marc almond, BLONDIE…. dance it up at trailer trash and fly with the crowd in an intense upsurge of positive love energy, so many hands in the air and spirits alight, dancing to the megaclever mixing of 2ManyDJs. I have never experienced anything like it in london.

Lammas Season at FOLLETERRE. Living community in action, elders gathering and great circle weekend attending to the practical and financial matters of creating a sanctuary. Deep rooted harmony amongst brothers and sisters of many nations sets the tone for LAMMAS LOVEMAGIC, gathering for first ten days of august. The work tools firmly put down and the opening of souls invoked, 45 faeries travel as one into the delight and bounty of summer. In the open air every day, plenty of sunshine, days by the lake, awesome sunsets and shooting star nights round the fire. Circles on three crucial areas of queer life – sex, love and spirituality. The tenderness and wisdom of the group was astounding. The Know-Talent Show was hosted by Patsy and Edina.  Lotusgirlinthedesert, Fagus Captain Dashing and Bernard Thumper Thompson create a team with me to nurture our faerie community into a marvellous summer gathering.

Back in London for a wedding that celebrated, nay demanded, the vibrancy of love in the queer community. Neon yellow and dayglo green were the theme but the full rainbow was there loud and proud on the high street of islington. Bright Daffodil and Robert Deane dared us to bring out our colours, dared the cool and hardened queers of london to honour and rejoice in LOVE. It seems they could.

Ah London, high summer. When everyone should be out experiencing the colour and passion of the season, seeking adventures and taking risks, londoners seem to sulk under cloudy skies and anaesthetise themselves in their distorted efforts to get the most out of life. The city extra tense following the riot week, not an easy place to be.  Spyda deSade and Hector Blake making my home safe and cosy in the middle of the whirling city.

Scotland whisked me away, via Wales, for a journey of community brotherhood, sharing and exploring through body, mind and soul. The principle of emergence embraced – what will manifest when 36 men share deeply and honestly? 36 men with a diversity of backgrounds, experiences and beliefs, but who connect through open minds and positive hearts. A bubble of expansive love immediately opens, but a tough full moon energy (the chaotic mystical pisces moon straining against the need for order and structure of the virgoan sun) has its effects, knocking us more into mystery than emergence for a while. We opened our hearts, journeyed through fire ritual, body painting, dancing, performance – the end result was a more solid presence of strengthened hearts, warrior spirits and community purpose than I have felt before at the edward carpenter community retreats. A tough ride for the organisers, Kevin Jackson, Peter Clode, Adrian Perrett and me, sensitive to the feelings and desires of the gathered men, yet from the perspective of the equinox, an exhilarating ride into consciousness.

200 queers gather in London at LOVESPIRIT, at the EQUINOX weekend. I been part of birthing this event along with Andy Saich, Geoffrey Henning, Leviathan Hendricks, Andrew Woodgate and others.  Celebrating the spirituality of the lgbt tribes, remembering that our kind have always served on this planet as healers, mediums, shamans and artists – DISCOVERING HOW GOOD IT IS TO EMBRACE LOVE AS A TRIBE OF QUEER PEOPLE WHO SEE BEYOND THE HYPOCRISIES AND DELUSIONS OF THE PATRIARCHAL SYSTEM AND BRING INSIGHT AND TRANSFORMATION TO THE WORLD. Gatherings of radical faeries and men of the edward carpenter community and similar gay spirit events have been happening since the 80s, but finally here is a step towards bringing the transformation and light we discover to the greater tribe.

Summer 2011. A journey of tribal loveSPIRIT.

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