Queer Spirit Activation



There are huge changes happening on planet earth

The most common story is one of


But the external is only half the story


A spiritual age is being born

People from all sections of society are probing, exploring, uncovering

The mysteries of the inner world

The secrets contained in the Self.


In some parts of the world the struggle for political freedoms moves forwards at a pace

Meanwhile in the ‘free’ west the limitations of the patriarchal-capitalist system become clear, and we realise we are still in a system that uses the word freedom but is very much about control.  Therefore more and more people are turning within, the place where true freedom has to be found.

Gays lesbians trans people received a massive dose of liberty from the 1960s onwards.  This process is not complete and still today it can be very challenging to come out in a society afflicted by homophobia.  The liberty we enjoy in some parts of the world does not extend to the whole world, far from it.

The liberty we queers gained in the west seems to have become stuck in a self-indulgent spiral of consumerism, fashion, drugs and sex.  Our gay scenes are usually friendly, but not always ‘real’.  They encourage our expressions of beauty, joy and sexuality but are not so supportive of our need for love, community and healing.  So big on outward celebration, our gay lives can be very lacking in awareness of inner qualities and of spiritual connections.

Coming out should be the first step in a culture of self-discovery.  Where every part of us gets questioned, explored and evolved; where the queer spirit within is born and revealed to the world in all its rainbow colours and power.





Gradually, step by step, person by person, humanity is ascending into a new state of evolution.  This state is characterised by feelings of oneness with others and with life itself, by the falling away of old habits, fears and attitudes, alongside which comes a joy filled embrace of being alive, a recognition that the power is within us to create the reality we wish to live in, an owning of our own feelings, compassion for others and a recognition that we are at a turning point as an individual and as a species.


The portals leading us into the age of aquarius have been opening since the 1960s – each opening sees more people awakening to the spiritual reality that we are part of.  1987 was the year of the Harmonic Convergence, with many people across the world gathering to focus the energy and channel higher vibrational energy onto the planet.  My step into the open portal came in 1995, leading me into ecstatic feelings, visions and mystical experience, and a journey since then of discovery, delight and of finding others who know they are on the path.


2012 has been long looked forward to as the year of global transformation.  Some can imagine this only as a time of destruction, and the series of crises affecting the planet might seem to support their view.  Yet others see 2012 as the dawn of the Age of Consciousness, where humanity’s true nature as the divine source energy incarnate will be felt and known.  My journey has taught me that after a period of light and expansion comes a time of contraction, where the darkness and challenge can seem greater than ever before.   This is happening to humanity now.  As love and conscious awareness spread and grow on the planet, darkness becomes more visible.  Outdated forms of organisation and control feel threatened, and prepare to defend themselves.  Abusive economies crumble.  Powerful vested interests defend their patch.  States try to exercise more control over their populations.  But the push for freedom is coming from within every one of us.  The divine reality, which is the core reality of all things, wishes to become known.  All things that block that, will fall.


21st December 2012 is heralded as the big turning point – doomsday or birth of the age of light?  It is not necessary to wait that long to work it out, and it is worth realising that we each are making the choice in ourselves as to which scenario will win out.


11-11-11 is being hailed as the next significant cosmic portal date  – a time to get together with others, create the powerful energy of meeting in circle, and acknowledge the unity of all life and the love that connects it all together.   This brings us into alignment with our higher selves, enables our chakras to open and receive blessings and information from other dimensions.  Through taking action like this, we get direct experience of the portal for ourselves, and can form our own understanding about the journey we are all on.  It is time to find the others who are awakening, so that our energies can work together to accelerate the process for all humanity.  Connecting through the body, person to person to person, minds and hearts open, spirits expanding – this is how we step through the portals and find our universe is in fact a multi-verse, and we extend through all of it.





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