Samhain is here, witchcraft is in the air, ghouls and zombies are appearing on the streets. For many it is a time to liven up, dress up and party, while for some this is a sacred time of honouring the dead, and turning within, perhaps surrendering to the death process within ourselves, using the vibration of this time of year to release old parts of ourselves, especially beliefs that have held us back, limited our enjoyment of life.

The veils between the worlds are said to be thin at this time of year. So drug taking revellers might get some surprises, experience unexpected phenomena as their consciousness shifts on the rocket fuel for the soul that many drugs are. For those making ritual the presence of the spirit world may be deeply felt. Connecting through our feelings for those who are no longer in body we may well detect the feelings they have for us. Some may even get to hear, or speak, their greetings.

This time of year is important to me because it is through facing death from AIDS during the mid 90s that I came to know life as a spiritual as well as physical creation. As I became weaker through illness I entered a multi-dimensional awareness, seeing all of existence as energy in movement – conscious energy, motivated by love. I met entities without physical form and learned that the spirit and human worlds are much closer than we usually think. So I consider ritual where we share time together with the spirit world to be an essential part of birthing a new age of human understanding.

There is a spiritual transformation happening on the planet. For those who have awoken to that fact, samhain is an ideal time to release deep seated old beliefs, connect to the non-material worlds that want to help and support us, and to celebrate stepping into a new phase of life – Samhain is the old pagan new year and can be the start of a year ahead of significant growth and discovery.

The first thing to do is to remember our eternal connection with spirit, the next is to offer to spirit the parts of ourselves that are dying, that are ready for transformation. Lighting candles, making a fire, drumming, toning, singing, sitting in silence…. calling to the wonder, the mystery, that supports all life, remembering friends and relations who have passed out of the physical plane… contemplating the vastness of the cosmos, and the seasonal changes nature is undergoing as she pulls herself inwards, back into the earth, in preparation for the winter journey…. these are many ways to get the most out of this magical part of the year.

Since I first experienced the thrill of ecstatic communion with the spirit that flows through all life I have had little desire other than to be in that state of connection and enjoy it with others – sometimes with great energy and passion, but also often with sublime stillness, whether with a special one or within a group of likeminded, trusted souls. To share time and energy with people who also feel that buzz of connection, who embrace the freedom, flow and light within the soul, is quality time in joy surpassing for me all the flashy parties and hedonistic potions the world can offer. But we all carry some degree of shame/fear/guilt/pain that can prevent us from entering the world of natural bliss… .Samhain is a time when the spirit, often through the medium of our personal ancestors whose love we can still feel, can help us to shift this darkness, release it into the void, so freeing us to live more deeply and delightfully in the light.

Blessed Be.

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