11-11-11 Why Not?



11-11-11 why not?


Almost upon us, a once-in-a-century alignment of the 11’s – number of transformation. It may be just another day in the western calendar with no significance in other systems of calculating the date, but many people feel it holds some significance. 11-11-11 is being hailed in some quarters as an important stage in the journey towards a global shift in consciousness, often associated with 2012 and the end of the 4th World of the Mayan calendar.


Reviewing predictions and commentaries about this Friday it seems we may be experiencing the opening of a major cosmic portal of consciousness in order to bring through energies that will help to shape events as we move into a new age of human life. It may be that this portal in consciousness opens because so many people across the planet are focussing their minds and spirits – collective co-creation of a shift that will affect the whole world. Groups of people will be meeting across the planet on Friday in the name of spirituality, love and the unity of life. They will be connecting soul to soul in meditation, chanting, drumming and tantric ceremonies to bring in the energies of spirit and ground them in the earth. Whether this is how you see it or not, few would probably now deny that major change of all sorts is happening on our amazing planet. The people who will feel drawn to participate in this are the ones who have have a sense of the flow and grace of the spirit that connects all things, and who have seen that humans are here as conductors of light and love, and have the ability to change the crisis story that humanity is currently stuck in. By opening our energy centres to earth and sky we become those conductors. If we are strong in the chakras between the base and crown – the sacral (inner child/sexuality), solar plexus (personal power), heart (love for all beings), throat (voice – expressing our personal truth) and third eye (wisdom) – we can become great channels. This is where personal growth and inner exploration pays its dividends.


In London I will be part of a group of queers, radicals, anarchists and faeries gathering for a circle where the vibrations will be opened and connected through the drum. Through the power of rhythm we will become open and connected too, body-mind-heart-spirit, entering places of joy, play, vision, and no doubt finding our own ideas about 11-11-11 and times to come.


Radical Faeries, Queer Pagans and other queer spirited groups have been meeting in magical spaces for quite a few years now, discovering through play, ritual and heart sharing – away from the demands and delusions of the commercial gay scenes – ways to open our souls, to find healing and inspiration, commune with nature and live a soulfully ecstatic ‘tribal’ existence. We are part of a larger movement of change that manifests through gatherings and festivals such as Burning Man or Rainbow gatherings. We are all involved in an exploration of the changing energies of the Aquarian Age, which are all about group mind, increased understanding, tolerance and JOY. Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac – and also the queer sign of the zodiac, for Aquarius is Ganymede, the shepherd boy lifted into heaven to be lover of Zeus, and water bearer for the gods. 11-11-11 could be a very special day for us.


11-11-11 – why not? here is an opportunity to connect to the natural, sacred and awesome energies that guide life on our planet, alongside people the world over who also sense the magic that underlies the mundane. Those who take part in some way will be part of the birth of a new global faith – one that transcends religion and cultural differences, involving humans communing directly with the Source and the Planet. Some will be spending time on this day in stillness, and that is the surest way to find and be with the magnificence of divine energies. Most of us are so utterly not used to being in sacred presence that we can only sit and be still when we find it because of the awe it induces. When we are comfortable with the existence of spirit and its powerful touch – even better when we are so thrilled and excited to know and feel that presence that we cannot contain our joy – we can start to bring more of spirit into the world, through our passions – through music, dance, art and all the things we can enjoy in our bodies.


The energies received on this day can be offered to the planet for its healing. She is waiting for us to realise what we came here to be.









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