Solstice 2011




The longest night of the year, bringing us to the end of the period of increasing darkness – the death phase of the year. From solstice point life sits in a sort of limbo, a frozen stasis until the sparks of spring growth begin.


We humans are not separate from the natural cycles of the planet, although we usually try our best to demonstrate our superiority to them. Nature has been withdrawing into the earth since the autumn equinox, and this is the period where we should turn increasingly inwards – to heal, to reflect, to re-charge ourselves after the busy outward expansive energy of the summer. From Samhain at the end of October the death part of the year is really on us. People often experience depression, illness and overwhelming challenges at this time – yet if we accept the call to turn inwards, to take more rest, sleep and solitude, to face the darkness and accept it as a crucial part of the cycle of life – we put ourselves in a stronger position to negotiate our way through this time. This is the perfect time to allow old and outdated parts of ourselves to die – nature is helping us. By saying goodbye to certain habits/attitudes/fears at this time we clear space in our own souls for new light to come in.


Solstice is the point of new light. It is the time, just as winter is really settling in, to look forward to the sure and certain return of light. From this point the days will gradually get longer, and although there is a winter period before the spring this is the time to re-charge, hibernate and nourish ourselves ready for another year.


Solstice 2011 is significant too for being the opening to the last year of the 4th world of the Mayan Calendar. In the larger picture of the evolution of human consciousness the return of the light refers not only to the annual calendar but to the steps forward into a higher form of existence on this planet. According to the calendar we are now into the final of 13 cycles that complete the calendar. These cycles have been speeding up – so where the first cycle lasted billions of years (where consciousness entered the cellular stage and began to create life), this last one lasts just one year. From the cellular stage, consciousness has grown through many stages until we reach the highly charged, competitive and questioning period we are living through. The final stage of the calendar is when the consciousness enters the stage of ‘singularity’. In 2012 the veils will fall and the unity of all life will be revealed – but not everyone is going to understand what is going on, nor know how to react to it. Many will try desperately to maintain their belief in human’s superiority over nature and hold on to their old stories of separation and fear – but some of us will be riding this natural wave of unification, knowing that we have been experiencing the pre-shock ‘tremors’ of its manifestations for some time now.


Why am i so certain of this?  Because in 1995 i surrendered myself to the universal spirit as part of my preparation for death through aids.  Instead of death i found light and expansion… visions of the acceleration of consciousness and the changes coming for human beings.  The experience did involve a dismantling of all my old ways of thinking and believing, but the excitement of discovering another way of being was IMMENSE.  Since then my life has been one of growth in soul, expansion in light and joining with others in celebration of what we humans really are.


Humans are not separate from the patterns and plans of consciousness that are flowing through the universe – we are created by those patterns and we are part of bringing them to their fruition. We have a thinking, questioning mind that can believe we are separate and independent from the rest of life and light around us, but this really is the time to drop that love-denying attitude and realise the dance of life moving through us and all things. There is much more ancient and deep-rooted way of communication and understanding – through the feelings felt in the soul. Most of nature talks in this way, but humans have largely forgotten. By remembering this we can bring ourselves into harmony with nature, and other people.


The choice is stark on planet earth at the moment – buy into the story of disaster, gloom and despair that the media and politicians are constantly pushing, or turn inwards to the light in one’s own soul and take a part in the unveiling of consciousness. This winter solstice is the ideal time to do this – lighting candles, gathering round a fire, feeling your connection through the heart to others, are ways to affirm the journey of the soul.


Many of the shared assumptions of our western society are not necessarily true. We are encouraged to reject religion and accept an ‘anti-faith’ that cuts us off from our souls, and from the planet itself. The wisdom of ancient societies all started from the point of oneness with all creation. They saw the soul as journeying from life to life in order to gain experience and grow, they recognised our part in the whole. This is the wisdom that has been returning to the planet and spreading for some years now. Those who feel it meet with others and create sacred spaces of love, light and healing. During 2012 the energy of this movement will be growing stronger, but so will the story of fear and crisis. We each have to make the choice to create the journey we wish to be on. Waking up to this, waking up to our part in the natural evolutionary process, waking up to the unity of all life and how love connects all – and is essential for health and well-being: this is the story of 2012, and solstice is the raising of the curtain.




3 responses

  1. ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
    Thank you so much for a really inspiring message, darling!
    You’ve brough light into my life and made me feel good today!


  2. I love the sentence: “Humans are not separate from the patterns and plans of consciousness that are flowing through the universe – we are created by those patterns and we are part of bringing them to their fruition.”
    Isn’t this a wonderful enlightenment, to realize we’re only momentary flashes of a greater consciousness? In the reincarnation mythology, this is the consciousness of a higher self that lives through many lifetimes. In modern scientific language (a new kind of mythology), this is Gaia, the consciousness of planet Earth, recycling itself through time in lifetime after lifetime of patterns. What a release from ego and self-importance! Toby

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