We study the universe around us through science, and the worlds inside us via spirituality. Science is about facts, evidence and concrete proofs. Spirituality teaches us about the realms of feeling, intuition and inspiration. The planet needs humanity to understand this distinction and act to bring a new balance to ourselves and our world. Simply put, science addresses the outer world, spirituality is about knowing the inner, and the mysteries of love and transcendence will not go away just because humans try to reduce life to the collision of atoms.


Some scientific rationalist atheists put a lot of energy into dismissing spiritual ‘pap and nonsense’, it appears they have some sort of mission to convince people, and especially young people, to reject humanity’s religious past. Mythology is dismissed, astrology laughed at, and ‘spirit stuff’ in general given a very cold shoulder. The fact that billions of people around the world experience god, spirit, ‘light’ as a daily reality is usually ignored. Those people are looked down upon as being ignorant and unevolved.


These proselytisers are missing the point – science will never explain the inner mysteries of the human soul. Despite decades of atheistic attack on ancient faith systems, most of us do still believe we have a soul, even if we are not so sure what it is, or what it means to have one. Only spirituality can lead us to discover the soul. For example, science will never explain love and emotion. We can try to relate them to chemical reactions in the body, and imagine our consciousness itself is equally reducible to biological accident, but this is actually science overstepping its remit.


Pushing my point home – Science explores the outer mechanics of life. Through spirituality we explore the machinations of our inner life and awareness. Humanity has been studying its inner experience for a very long time – as a discipline, science is the upstart newcomer to the scene. It would benefit all life if humanity could now find a balance between the outer and inner explorations – bringing the mysteries of the spirit to a place of equal footing with science. Telling the children of the world that their inner universe is as vast, as potentially full of light and creativity as the incredibly beautiful world around them, would be a good place to start.


Our economies stumble and falter, expansion of wealth and improvement in living standards are at a halt – the next expansion needs to occur within the consciousness of each human. As we explore, heal and grow in our selves the outer economy will likely grow again too in time, as the business of personal development takes a much more important place in our modern cultures.


The incredible discoveries of science and the wisdom and wonder uncovered over centuries by the worlds spiritual traditions could come together, synthesise into a splendid and inspirational new vision of life on earth.


This vision will encompass a respect for the planet and its inhabitants and an intent to live in harmony. It will put economics, business and finance into their proper place as servants of the human population (at the moment it seems a system has evolved which expects US to serve IT), with the intention of making everyone’s lives better, not just enriching a few. And this vision will balance the inner journey of life with the outer, recognising the unity of human consciousness and the right of all to pursue love, self-expression and self-discovery.


A new vision, a new dream, is being born on this planet. It is a dream of love and liberty as opposed to the old dream of fear and domination. This dream stems from the collective human spirit, which once sought order, structure, wealth and safety to overcome the hazards of life on earth (and led us to create religions, the modern state and capitalist system), but which also yearns for freedom to soar and explore life in all its colours, to be limitless and issueless, to experience its ecstatic union with creation, and feel bliss. This is why political systems that do not serve the expansion of love and freedom eventually fall. The spirit in us is ever growing and expanding, it does not stay the same.


Many intelligent, rational people simply reject SPIRIT as a notion. They wont go there. But spirit is something that exists beyond the rational, thinking brain and should be approached by means other than the logical mind. We can experience it more easily than we can understand it – experience can come via stilling the mind through meditation and yoga, transcending its chatter through music, song and dance, undertaking shamanic explorations perhaps with help of medicinal plants the planet provides us with for this purpose. More and more people on the planet get this, but it is not yet our cultural norm.  Maybe this will help those who struggle with the term:


SPIRIT is what animates us, it is the life force. We each have a spirit, and our spirit can feel energised, depleted or simply still. When we form groupings with others those groupings have a spirit – an energy all of their own. All actions and thoughts have their own vibration…. environments fill with those vibrations, which we can then sense. For our human bodies are always sensing the spirits of people and places. If we like what we sense we may seek a closer connection with the person or place…. if we do not like what we sense we will stay away. Everything in nature has a spirit – we can observe, hear, smell, touch and taste the nature of things, and we can also ‘feel’ their vibration (their spirit), especially if we train our inner senses to do so.


Spirituality is the exploration of spirit. Rationalists bemoan the faith that many people have in religious leaders and institutions, but real spirituality is about thinking, and feeling-knowing, for ourselves. Scientists claim to stand for experimentation and proof but they often seem to expect the rest of us to simply accept their views (especially regarding god and religion). Spirituality is also about experimentation and discovery – but the experiment here is on the self, within the self, and the evidence attained belongs to the individual attaining it. The time of charismatic men giving birth to new religions probably is over…. what is going on now is that people all over the world are turning within, opening to profound spiritual truths for themselves, as old religious structures crumble and a vast range of spiritual practices and approaches open up for us. This will continue despite the attacks from those who would prefer to see humanity exist without exploring the sacred mysteries, and one day, when enough of us are living the balance of outer and inner disciplines and awareness, a new fusion of science and spirit will lift humanity to a higher level of existence. This will be a fundamental revolution, taking place in our consciousness rather than the external world, but the external will be transformed too as a result of it.


There are deep patterns at work in the universe. To appreciate them requires a balance of reason and intuition. Mythology, astrology and other spiritual systems are humanity’s attempts to explain how they work. We are not separate from those patterns. Evolution is happening in us all the time, although we may persuade ourselves to believe we are distinct from nature and the cosmos.


Perhaps it is LOVE itself that motivated stars and planets to form out of the primordial chaos of creation. Perhaps love then motivated life to emerge so that the universe as formed could be enjoyed and explored. Perhaps it was love that pushed the evolutionary impetus so that humans would form societies and cultures, and so form the ability to reflect on, describe, and add to the wonders that had come into existence. It is certainly love that motivates us humans to form friendships, take lovers and make families – it is not science, or even economics, that makes us act this way.  Yet science and economics are hailed as the most important aspects of our world.  Love is seen as something of a sideline, although relationships are the root of everything we do and experience.  Life has evolved in us to the point where we have the freewill to choose whether to love or to live instead in fear, greed or hatred. If we choose love we may just be helping the whole story of creation come to its next great manifestation – because the next logical step is for love to evolve in us.  Humans have tended to make love an exclusive affair, to be reserved for special relationships, but the opportunity and evolutionary challenge is to make love the basis of all our interactions.


When a united humanity is living from a point of love, and rejecting the old stories of greed, competition, war and planetary destruction, our earth will surely be a shining point in the heavens. We have all seen how a person glows when they are in love. Humanity as a whole will be glowing too one day, when enough of us have chosen love and the tipping point of consciousness is reached. Loving both the outer and the inner is the place to start, and giving equal importance to both will shift the chaotic energies of our time enormously. Science and spirit moving into balance, finding their harmony and recognising the vital need we humans have for both.



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  1. One thing that springs to mind is when my English teacher said to me whilst studying Shakespeare, that we are unique in living as part of the first culture, during the first time in history to rely on science as a means to explain everything, and how there is no reason on earth to think that we are right, and those before us are wrong in their views of life and the cosmos, and the parameters used to reach any understanding, and that indeed there are things science cannot explain……

  2. I have been involved in the more than satisfying project of going boldly into those awful rooms where shame hides, lost, unloved, hopeless and and hating itself. I’m not sure yet but I think this shame might be linked to the neglect of pollution and wanton misuse, and even the neglect of poverty and hunger.

  3. My soul is like a hidden orchestra; I do not know which instruments grind and play away inside of me, strings and harps, timbales and drums. I can only recognize myself as symphony.

    —FERNANDO PESSOA, The Book of Disquiet

    This quote is from the front of a book I’m just about to read: ‘Self Comes to Mind: Constructing the Conscious Brain: The Evolution of Consciousness’ by Antonio Damasio

    The author is a neuroscientist who has been studying the neuroanotomical basis of emotion. I think he may have written the book which will provide some of our alexithymic brethren with the hard evidence they require that there is more to self than flesh, blood and cerebral cortex.

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