“Placebos aren’t just for research: Studies increasingly show that treatments with no active ingredients can work as well as—or even better than—”real” therapies” says a report on NEWSER. 30 -40 % of depression patients benefited from placebos; irritable bowel syndrome sufferers were told their drugs contained no active ingredient to address the bowel but were instead working on the mind – and they felt better.

These trials are not proof of the gullibility of humans, they are confirmation of the teachings coming from ECKHART TOLLE, NEALE DONALD WALSH, MARIANNE WILLIAMSON, DEEPAK CHOPRA and many others who demonstrate to us that our realities are shaped by our thoughts and desires. What we focus on, what we believe deeply in, is attracted into our lives – and this applies whether the focus is on something positive or destructive. The universe is not simply a physical manifestation in which mind and emotion just happen…. it is a dance of energies – spiritual, mental, emotional as well as physical. Just as we cannot expect to know a person by their appearance, we cannot understand the universe by studying its physical nature alone. Many will scoff at the idea that our thoughts influence what happens in the material world, but its not so hard to appreciate that every thought carries its own vibration, and the whole of creation from atom to galaxies operates through vibrations interacting. When we make a positive choice for something, a deeply felt affirmation, all sorts of energies start moving to support that choice. If we dither and prevaricate we are likely to experience frustration and confusion. We all experience this daily.

Energy follows thought. This is a spiritual mantra. Its easy to test this ‘law of attraction’. Be your own experiment.

Our society does not recognise it, but the mind is a powerful creative portion of our nature, though we usually have little ability to control what goes on it. Modern teachers, like all spiritual masters, emphasise the importance of observing, and quietening our minds. In our busy over-stimulated world we easily end up thinking incessantly. Most people have no idea how it feels not to be having thoughts. Our minds also keep us out of the present moment because they are usually thinking about the past or considering the future. For a good and healthy experience of life we need to learn to live in the now, cultivating a quiet mind and developing an ability to think positive creative thoughts.

The placebo experiments demonstrate the influence of our beliefs on our health. To face up to the fact that most people are creating disharmony, discord and disease through their unskilful ways of thinking is going to be tough, for a lot of individuals and for society as a whole. Many are not going to want to accept this. But in every spiritual culture there are teachings relating to this. Ask and ye shall receive, is how the bible puts it. And now science is finding out the same thing.

So lets take it all the way, we can get with this programme. We do not have to spend decades in therapy sorting out our destructive thought patterns. Rebirth, release, reboot, reprogramme the mind from the root. For the best way to deal with the rapid transformation happening on all levels on planet earth is to get with the bigger picture. Few have realised it, but the need for this is urgent.


This is the time to break through. To open the inner eyes of understanding and sense yourself as pure energy, a swirling mixture of body, belief, feeling and desire making up the experience you are having of yourself. Dont see yourself as a separate, isolated being, know that you are at all times connected to others through heart and mind, which are just as real and important as the body, feel that you are beingness itself, manifesting through all living things and making the unique event in time and space that is YOU. Become still and sit with the sacred divine presence in yourself and recognise and love it in all others. This will have an amazing effect on your consciousness, on how you feel and how the universe treats you.

Tis 2012 and everywhere the talk is of ending cycles – major changes to the planet’s environment and to human life are on the cards. There are clues to what is going on, hidden in prophecies the world over. Everyone has heard of the The Mayan Calendar which is a calendar of evolution not simply time. It maps vast epochs of the development of life on earth, and shows that at the end of a calendar period evolution happens very very fast. But we tend to look at evolution as a physical phenomenon and think it takes millenia for even a small change. We seem to overlook the fact that evolution is happening in us all the time, it is life that has been evolving, not just physical bodies, and it continues to in the things we humans create and experience. Life is evolving emotionally, artistically, linguistically, and, through us, technologically. The pace of change in human society has been accelerating. The internet is often spoken of as a physical manifestation of the interconnectedness of us all, the emergence of a global culture. The true nature of just how unified we really are is waiting to be realised. Quantum physicists are pointing to an understanding that echoes that of the ancient sages: David Bohm describes physical reality as an undivided whole in perpetual dynamic flow, saying that a deep level consciousness and matter and inseparable and interwoven.

The final year of the Mayan fourth world is here… while long ago it took millions of years for an evolutionary stage to happen, life may take a leap in this year unlike any known before. My speculation is that the unified nature of our existence will become a lot clearer to a lot more people. A new calendar will begin, a new world will emerge, through destruction or inspired creation, or probably both.

We can be part of the new world now, but we each have to take the leap, or wait to be pushed.

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