Explaining the Mayan Calendar

The Mayan Calendar is a chart of the evolution of consciousness on our planet.  It consists of 9 creation cycles which run alongside each other, each one shorter and more rapid than the previous.  All 9 reach the end of their cycles at the same point.  For many scholars of the calendar the date in western terms for this point is December 21st, 2012.

Carl Johan Calleman, a Swedish biochemist, has developed a chart that identifies the leaps in the evolution of consciousness that occurred as each new cycle of the calendar begins. As he describes it

– the calendar begins 16.4 billion years ago with the creation of the earth and the eventual beginning of cellular life

– 820 million years ago the second level begins with the appearance of animals;

– 41 million years ago cycle 3 brings the first monkeys – he calls this the ‘familial’ cycle

– 2 million years ago humanoids come along and the ‘tribal’ cycle begins

– he then associates each level from level 5 with significant steps in development of human life – language, writing, and industrialisation, which is the manifestation of the ‘planetary’ cycle, the characteristic of which is power, starting in 1755AD

– the eighth cycle began in 1999, leaving only the final ‘universal’ stage, lasting one year, which we are in now.

Each level of the calendar is 20 times shorter than the previous, and the pace of evolution – the rate of change happening on earth (ie in life as a whole, in the overall consciousness that we are part of) – moves 20 times faster at each level.  we feel this acceleration and it causes many people to feel ‘time is speeding up’, but it is the rate of change, the accumulation of new experiences that is accelerating.  in economics, politics, culture – and in our families and social lives – things develop and change at a pace like never before.  We can all see we are headed somewhere, most would perhaps prefer not to speculate where, and plenty are forecasting all sorts of doom.

During the ‘Galactic’ cycle since 1999 Calleman was expecting contact with beings from other planets, and there are plenty of people who insist this has been happening, believe that governments are hiding the truth.  It seems Calleman, and others who speak about the last stages of the Mayan Calendar, forget at this point that the calendar is charting consciousness, not physical events.  The consciousness as it has developed in humanity moves in stages 8 and 9 to new forms of manifestation – and only for some humans, most will continue living at the ‘tribal’, ‘regional’, ‘national’ and ‘planetary’ levels they have evolved to,  What Calleman calls the ‘galactic’ cycle, which began in 1999, is not a period when the aliens come to us so much as a period when the consciousness of some reaches out to wider and broader levels.  This manifests as spiritual awakenings in individuals across the planet.  Spiritual groups multiply and expand as more people step into territories of group mind and conscious co-creation.  The previous ‘planetary’ level of consciousness still has control of the media, continues to pump out a story of crisis and conflict, while out of view of most cameras, people are undergoing enormous shifts in their being and understanding.

This is the year it all comes to a head.  We are in the ‘Universal’ stage now. The energies of the planet are all vibrating at such a speed it feels like there could be an explosion.  This could be a second big bang, happening not in the physical but in the consciousness which we are.  An explosion causing an overwhelming display of light, which will have the power to blast out all the dark emotional energies and fears of humanity and reveal to us that Consciousness is One and Eternal, and we are each of us nothing less than That.

Experiencing Oneness with a Supreme Source of Bring is not new on the planet. Everybody experiencing it at once certainly will be.

There are plenty of teachers who, each in their own language and style, have been telling us to get ready for this for a long time.  The advice both ancient and modern is to: Connect to nature and care for the planet, meet others with love and when they need it compassion (for they are you in another guise), pursue activities and work that benefit all.  For those who have not been having the ecstatic experience of unity with life and universal love) a time of massive trial is coming, as all their beliefs will be challenged..

Through consciously choosing to pursue a path of personal growth, seeking to understand better the creative powers of the self, we are able to attune ourselves spiritually to the evolutionary process under way – move ourselves into the eighth and ninth cycles.   This involves giving the inner world of feeling, thought and imagination the same importance we give to the outer experience of relationships, work and commerce. To help with this, there is a world full of religious systems and spiritual practices for us to study and be inspired by.  Humans have been seeking union with, and understanding of, the source of consciousness for a very long time.  Our modern world, in its efforts to apply intelligence and logic, and overcome fear and superstition, has cut most people off from the feeling of connection to a presence of being greater than themselves and imagines consciousness is an accidental by-product of a physical evolution.  As I see it, after centuries of stifling religious control and negativity, we needed to let go of the bossy father god – who, though we are told his nature is love, is apparently so pissed off with us – drift alone in the universe for a while to see what that is like – until we get really scared and start screaming for god the mother to come bring us comfort.  Luckily, this is what she is waiting to do.


It has been calculated that on the 21st December 2012, the end point of all cycles of the Mayan Calendar –  a day called by the Mayans ‘Hunab Ku’ – the earth and sun will cross the galactic equator, coming into an alignmentwith the centre of the galaxy that happens every 25,800 years.  It has been predicted that this could cause a polar shift on the earth – which might blow all our electrical and communication systems, plus set off some crazy weather which will make the devastating climatic events of the past decade seem small.  The trouble with these prophecies is they are looking for physical events when it is consciousness that is undergoing change.


Every human culture until our modern age has had a deeply emotional relationship with a Mother Goddess.   Patriarchal religions reduced the influence of the feminine aspect of the divine, and in our modern outlook we still call the earth mother but do not care for her very well, nor consider that she might have feelings.  The Mayans believed the dark mother of creation sits at the centre of the galaxy, where astronomers tell us now there is a black hole, so we will be directly exposed to her presence soon when we cross the galactic equator.  All ancient peoples honoured the dark mother (and other aspects of the feminine), she crops up in Christianity too as the Black Madonna, but our male dominated rational western culture has cut her out of the picture – she has become so dark she is invisible.    To the pagans of Europe the dark goddess – personified as the Crone, or wise-woman – is the keeper of the mysteries of death, the deity of the underworld. With the image of Kali, the Hindus recognise that She can be more powerful and terrifying even than the great male deities. We have been through a patriarchal period where men who sought power worked to reduce the goddess to a meek virgin in the minds of the people.


From 1755 to 1999 we were in the ‘Planetary’ cycle where the world was opened up, no corner left unexplored, and modern ways of thinking spread around it, culminating in the connectivity of the world wide web.  The period prior to Planetary is called by Calleman the ‘Law and Punishment’ cycle, covering the centuries from 3115 BC  – in this time nations were formed, laws and religions developed.  In the ‘galactic’ cycle since 1999 there has been a massive movment of spiritual awakening, with people who are ready to be finished with old stories of conflict and competition between faiths seeking deeper truths and opening to the creative power of their own mind and spirit.  We are now in the Universal cycle, lasting just one year, but bringing just as much change as any previous cycle.

(It is important to remember that these cycles do not follow each other – they have staggered starting points, each period 20 times shorter than the previous, and they run concurrently until they all stop at once.)

The Universal cycle brings collective conscious co-creation, and increasing numbers of people will feel and know the underlying love-bliss nature that gives rise to all existence, and exists in us to inspire everything we are and do.  With all the calendar cycles ending at once, could it be that all life will reach a point of knowing its oneness with all things.  We may just ‘feel’ it, ‘know’ it and some will also understand it.  When this rush of awareness comes to the planet – over several stages I guess during the course of a hyper-active year – things will truly never be the same.  Those who are not prepared for this revelation are going to find their worlds seriously rocked.  But the world will not end.  The way we experience it looks likely to be changed forever.




The Chinese calendar adds to the flavour of things to come……

2012 is the year of the water dragon, which it is said brings the opportunity to awaken higher consciousness, eliminate negativity, limitation and disease.  Dragon brings an energy that opens us to the inner planes, and helps us to progress beyond what we previously thought possible in our lives.  All this is followed by the year of the snake, when further cosmic awareness and integration with source is coming our way.  Despite the gloom and doom that we are constantly told to believe in by the lower vibrational systems of the media and governments, the Chinese calendar says we are entering two lucky and exciting years.

The ancients drew up calendars and astrological systems after long and detailed study of the patterns of the universe, patterns which repeat through all things including us and the details of our lives.  We are now evolved enough to choose to merge consciously into the patterns – the step we need to take is to combine the scientific, logical intelligence we are so proud of, with a more flowing, intuitive, spiritual, ‘feminine’ intelligence, that communicates through feelings more than concepts.

Inviting the divine feminine into my life brought me onto the path of devotion, service and understanding that I now pursue.  She reveals the patterns, She is the presence of unconditional love and She has the comfort to give when the shift we each have to go through seems like it will defeat us.

Genesis says that humans were made in the image of god – male and female.  To fully know the consciousness in ourselves, and come into a state of grace with its natural and beautiful unfolding, we have this clue to help us on our way.   This clue and many others, such as the mastery stored in ancient wisdom such as the Mayan Calendar.

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  1. Love the image of Kali as a black-hole at the centre of every galaxy…”To Kali who lives in all beings, in the form of intelligence, salutations to her, salutations to her, salutations again and again.”

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