LOVE is nutrition for the soul, as food is for the body. LOVE opens the door to the dance of life, it brings full technicolour to the experience of being alive. Love connects us to other people and to the planet – if we let it; it reveals the interdependence of all life and can lift us into the arms of the divine.


The rationalistic outlook that predominates in our modern western society sees love as a by-product of our existence, but ancient spiritual teachings all indicate love is the source essence that gives rise to all things. When we fall in love we get a taste of the mystical reality that we are part of – we start to see the bright side of life, the enchantment and majesty of the planet we live on and the amazing beauty of human beings. Life can be a struggle, a flat and monotonous experience until love comes along and sets the fireworks off.


Love lifts us into a richer, warmer, brighter version of life, but it also challenges us to raise the vibration of all parts of ourselves to that level. A love affair is a journey of growth and self-discovery, and not simply a romantic escape from the world. The shadow parts hidden within us will be exposed in the light of love. They come out of the shade for healing, enabling us to change and grow.


Our culture has conditioned us to seek a love partner for life, and then to be broken when the love fails and the partner turns out to be less than perfect. If instead we realised that each love affair is going to take us into a deeper place of knowing ourselves, if we accept that the journey of togetherness may not last forever, but that our lives can be a continuing expansion into love anyway, we might find more peace in ourselves. We find peace also by accepting that neither our partners nor ourselves are perfect beings. If we learn to be comfortable in our own ambiguity of light and shadow we will become immensely attractive… and lovable. The peace in our soul is more attractive even than our physical body, and while the body ages and withers, in our souls we can can continue to grow in beauty our whole lives. While we resist parts of our own nature we carry tension in our energy bodies – others will sense this resistance in us and probably keep a distance.


Honesty and communication are the keys to keeping the channels of the heart open and empowering love to deepen and grow.


Love is a spiritual practice too. Choosing to live from an open heart removes fear from our lives. Developing compassion and an open heart towards all beings, recognising that we are all ONE at source and that love gets us in touch with that fact, are ways to lift the vibrations in our souls and feel part of the play of light happening in the universe. We are that light playing. Love opens our eyes to see.


In human beings, the spirit of consciousness has reached the point where we can choose to love, grow and evolve – or not. We can also stay stuck in the game of competition, domination and drudgery that has emerged over recent centuries. Choosing to love, to take the risks it brings, the challenges it involves, is what moves us on in life, and makes life a full on multidimensional extravaganza.


With food in our body we can survive, but we need love to thrive. Loving ourselves, our friends, our family, our tribe, our planet – and loving a special other, allowing ourselves to become one with that person, revealing all our intimate places and being met in them – this is the core of life. Not bank balances, glowing cv’s and having the latest technology. Those things pass, but love brings us into touch with what is eternal and infinite, it gives us the taste of bliss that spiritual teachers tell us is the nature of the divine, reminding us that we are also eternal spirit as well as temporal body, reveals how much we communicate through touch and feeling as well as words and concepts (ie helps us to live from the soul) and brings us the richness of feeling and joy that overwhelm the questioning mind and brings us home to ourselves.


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  1. Oh, Shokti! YOu really are the LOVE Star! Very inspiring! I’ll be re-reading your texts more often! Really need to get more in touch with the LOVE side of myself!… My life tends to be more focused on the pain/suffering side… NOt in a Masochistic way… it’s just the work that I do… Healing takes a lot of courage to face the pain… and there is a lot of LOVE in that too, I’m sure! But your wonderful texts always open my eyes up to a different side of LOVE! THANK YOU!! In Peace and LOVE to you too! x Treasure

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