Winter is over! SPRING IS HERE – it is the start of the 6 months of the year when the energy of nature is growing, expanding and rejoicing. The turning point comes at the equinox when night and day are in balance all over the earth.


During the autumn and winter nature withdraws into the earth and she causes us to draw inwards too – our attention is also naturally pulled within. Winter is time for healing, inner exploration, and rest after the active season. Of course our human culture does not encourage us to hibernate during the winter and expects us to continue to work, produce and consume at the same rate as during the summer. I am sure this is what leads to a lot of winter illness.


Spring and Summer is the time to expand and explore new horizons, to be more focussed on the outward journey of creation than on the mysteries and dilemmas of the inner realms. They will demand our attention soon enough again come next autumn. My point is that if we take the inner journey of healing and self-discovery during the winter period we will be in a state of preparedness to make the most of the summer, strengthened by the internal changes we have made and the karmic baggage we have hopefully released.


Equinox brings the arrival of Mars energy as the Sun enters Aries. The past month while the Sun has been in Pisces has been a period when the natural flow of energy is toward the mystical and emotional. Pisces draws us into a place of merging with the universe – through feeling and emotion, which can be very unsettling for rational, left-brain dominated, thinkers. It can be really hard to deal with practical, logical matters during the piscean month as the watery subconscious pulls us into something like a dream state. Of course we are not generally encouraged to ‘merge with the universe’ so we can end up having a very uncomfortable time and are left simply cursing the length and monotony of winter. Choosing time in stillness and emptiness, listening to the universe and simply feeling all the emotions that are swirling around are the best ways to get the most out of the piscean time, and know that the energy will shift.


Now comes the shift. Mars is bright in the sky and his active, creative, masculine energy is about to come on strong. After the month of merging into the collective whole comes the aries impulse to separate and focus on our individuality. Aries is the month in which to find our selves, distinct from the rest – to focus on our own goals, projects and ideas. The rising active energy of Mars leads us into this – a blast of fire shooting us out of the watery underworld and into the dynamic growth of spring.


Equinox is about balance. Just as day and night are equal, it is the point where we can stand at the point of balance between our inner and outer selves. Our ancestors, the ancient Celts who lived in close relationship with nature through celebrating the wheel of the year, understood that the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts of us are locked together in a fine balance – whatever is done on one level affects all parts of us. Our spiritual understanding affects the decisions we make in life; our thoughts affect our spirit and create emotional waves, which in turn affect the health and strength of our bodies. Equinox is a perfect time to understand the balanced flow of energy that we are part of.


The balance between our logical and instinctive/intuitive natures can also be strengthened at this point. Our modern world has laid too much emphasis on the logical mind and we tend to ignore our intuition – the energy of the equinox can help us to listen, to trust and to act on inner wisdom, so bringing the whole self back into balance.


It is time to throw off the restraints of winter and reach out for the things we want for ourselves and the world; to shake off the difficulties of the inner journey and embark courageously on a journey into the light and dynamism of summer.


As evolution continues apace, in the human being, we will find it much harder to pretend we are somehow separate from nature. Nature is happening in us just as much as it is in the world outside us – by tuning into the energies of the natural cycles and turning points of the year we can find out a lot about who we are and how to create harmony, healing and joy in ourselves, our communities and for our whole planet.



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