Tips on conscious evolution: APRIL


“April is the cruellest month, mixing memory with desire” said T.S. Elliot. April feels like a strange month to me, and this quotation has helped me understand why.


After a flourish of spring energy in march with early flowers blooming, tree blossom sprouting and lots of warm sun we are plunged into a period of sunshine and showers, rain and hail, and chilly nights.


The mystical, dreamy piscean time seems an age ago as there is a pressure to get practical, both on the external front and dealing with our own inner issues.


The aries nrg keeps us focussed mainly on ourselves, this is still the time to be finding out who we are now after the long winter journey, and how we are going to manifest ourselves this year. As Elliot observed, memories of past loves and ways of being rise up and often disturb the progress of new desires, get in the way of their manifestation, and lead to confusion. The full moon in libra brought a time of beautiful connection with others but now during the two weeks of waning moon its time to turn within the self again and SORT OUT those stubborn old patterns that we knew we were releasing at equinox, but which are no doubt still popping up to say hello.


This is a good year to choose to consciously expand and grow – the collective human consciousness is going through a rapid transformation, we help the process by pursuing our own evolution. The summer months are beckoning and offering both ecstatic shifts and astounding transformations. We need to prepare ourselves now and use the mars energy of aries to have our sense of purpose and direction in place. It is time to believe in all our possibilities and open ourselves up to new ones.


Because soon after the new moon comes the merry month of May – Beltane. Time to start dancing! And its not so far away… the sun reaches Taurus on Thursday (april 19) and the moon gets there on Saturday. (21st). The Hawthorn moon brings two weeks of building energy that is sensual, sexy, playful, creative, artistic and fun, and shines on us during celebrations of Beltane, the festival of fire and fertility midway between spring equinox and summer solstice when we can dance with the ancestor and animal spirits, and leap through the flames into summer, the outward action symbolic of inner changes and progress.


A Beltane tradition is for couples to get handfasted and leap the fire together, forming a union that would last until the next beltane, when it might be renewed or not – how useful this might be in today’s world! To agree to cherish, love and partner someone for a year – to find out how it feels and to be prepared to have a frank evaluation and sharing at the end of it before deciding what comes next. Sounds so civilised!


But for now its April and its chilly, and its time to get the body mind heart and spirit ready for the next stage of the journey of creation we are all embarked on. Time to observe those memories that arise, learn from them and try not to let them interfere with the new desires and possibilities that are opening up now.


We are not separate from the rhythms of nature – they continue in us.  We are not at the end of millennia of evolution – we are right in the middle of it, and it is happening in us.  Get conscious.





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