2012 is hurrying by – and certain astrological influences lately may have been pushing us back into a narrow vision of personal stories, trials and challenges, with the risk we can lose sight of the bigger picture of evolutionary transformation each of us, and the whole of humanity, is involved in.

The last full moon on May 20th opened up a time of change and chaos, with an eclipse that probably knocked many of us for six… shaking us out of dreamy expectations and making us face difficult choices and uncomfortable realities. The sun in Gemini since May 20 has brought a period of sociability and sharp, curious, but scattered intellectual energies, adding to a sense of instability. Mercury, planet of communication, has been in the sign of Cancer since June 7 (until June 25), bringing our thoughts under the influence of our emotions, making this a difficult time to be objective – and keeping us focussed on our personal stories rather than seeing the bigger picture.

(Which all explains why you have not heard from your blogger shokti for some time!)

In case that’s not enough to challenge us all right now, add in Venus retrograde until June 27th, creating obstacles in relationships. The recent excitement about the blast of Venusian love energy hitting the planet with the Venus Transit in front of the sun on June 6th was perhaps a bit premature. It might be that what happened was the discord and challenge produced by Venus being in a retrograde motion became heightened and exaggerated. This has probably not been an easy time for lovers, and until the end of June the love energy will continue to be focussed on resolution of past issues – its a time to clear confusion, ask meaningful questions and have patience. Clarity on relationship questions is unlikely while Venus is in her retrograde phase.

It can help enormously to know how the heavens are affecting us. Then we can stop blaming ourselves for all that seems to go wrong in our lives. Greater forces are at work, we cannot separate ourselves from them however much we might like to believe that great rocks orbiting the sun cannot have anything to do with us. The solar system is a field of consciousness, and we are right there in it, there is no way out. We better learn to work with it. For that field of consciousness does have our greater good as its goal – and the solstice is an opportunity to align ourselves with that greater good, raising our vibration to release the issues that keep us earth bound and heavy with problems, moving further into the bigger picture that the portal to the future that is 2012 insists we embrace.

Solstice this year comes along with a new moon. The second new moon in gemini in a month – an unusual occurence. The first, on May 20, took us into a period of communication, alongside a good degree of chaos. This second Gemini new moon invites us to take that communication to a deeper level, opening our eyes to broader perspectives, urging us to know and live our truth, using both our intellect and intuition to good effect. The new moon coming just before the portal of cosmic energy that is the solstice provides an energetic gateway for divine light to enter our lives, helping us to grasp things at levels beyond our normal perception. Get ready for a celestial download. After recent confusing trials, this should be a welcome relief. There is potential here for a quantum leap for humanity – one of many such points this year is bringing along.

Spring is the energetic time of growth for nature – and we are part of nature. As we reach the solstice we can look forward to a period when the challenges are less intense and we might even get to coast along for a while as the being we have currently grown into. Summer is not the time to be focussed inwards on our issues and problems – it is the time to look outwards, be active, and enjoy the simple reality of being alive. If we don’t do that now, we may never do it. Solstice also means the nights will start to lengthen again and the time of the inner healing journey of the darker half of the year will be with us again soon enough.

Solstice is regarded as a time of celebration, but my experience has been that it is necessary to honour the difficult parts of the path as well as the joyous. So the revelry of a solstice sunrise is preceded by a night of vigil, sitting in the darkness. It may be the shortest night of the year, but it is still dark, unless you are up near the north pole. So maybe the point of a solstice ritual celebration is to face the darkness, make a vigil to remember what we have been through, then enter the summer consciously with the sunrise.

Themes to celebrate at summer solstice are community, relationships, career, communion with nature and spirit, and planetary wholeness. It is time to be with Mother Earth and Father Sun, and accept with gratitude all that life has brought us. The point of the celebration at this time is to pour energy into the positive aspects of these themes, honouring the challenges along the way, but filling ourselves and our communities – our relationships – our careers – nature and spirit and the planetary consciousness with LOVE.

Summer is the time when life is inviting us to rise into ecstasy. To feel the fullness of being alive, to revel in the bliss that life and love can bring us to. Chances are we might not be feeling much like that after a spring of growing pains and half way through a year of cosmic transformation – so any rituals at this time are useful to affirm how we would like life to be, to call into manifestation the light and joy we want to experience, honouring and releasing the darker energies that have burdened us, recognising they are really there to help us grow.

One more tip: solstice is the START of summer. Ignore references to midsummers day appearing in your calendar just after the solstice. That comes from the time that summer was regarded as the growing season of the farmer’s crops, which by now are all planted, bringing a rest period before the harvest to come.  So this was the mid point of the farmer’s summer.  By believing we are already half way to autumn we create psychological blues on a conscious or sub-conscious level. Summer is beginning, and is worth savouring and enjoying every day for the next 3 months! We all seem to experience the length and intensity of winter, lets try to tune into the fantastic realities of summer and LAP THEM UP while they are here. Get out and about, meet friends old and new, enjoy romance and adventure – and keep it all in the NOW. Summer is not short, it just seems that way. Life is not a trial, it just sometimes seems that way. Solstice is the earth inviting us to break through our illusions of pain and separation and feel the ecstatic bliss that gives rise to our existence in the first place.

Evolution is happening on our planet at a fast and furious rate – climate change, species extinction etc are signs of this, but the engine of evolution is now the human mind – each of our choices moves us individually and collectively towards the dawn of a new consciousness on this planet, or resists that process and makes it a harder, tougher journey.  We can now evolve through joy and love or continue to do so through trial and pain.  Awareness, forgiveness and openness are the keys to a new life on earth.  Merry Solstice everybody.

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  1. Dearest Shokti … As usual your words make so much sense and I’m sending you love and beating wings of love for a wonderful summer of inspiration and magical time..
    Mac J Hawk

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