the glitter ball

sits in the middle of the disco, its many tiny mirrors each reflecting the light

as we dance under the ball, hands in the air, we feel our unity, the power of our tribe

the disco takes us beyond our separate bodies

we feel our spirits become one

the glitter ball reflects the light onto us

one ball… many mirrors… creating patterns of light

reflecting us

one humanity… many faces… creating patterns of life


the glitter ball IS THE HOLY SYMBOL of the dancing generations

in the 70s disco music brought a taste of heaven to earth

in the 80s house music opened the multidimensional gateways

in the 90s rave brought love and transcendence to the masses

in the naughties the light was lost in a swarm of drugs and consumerism

that separated and confused instead of united

anaesthetics replacing psychedelics and europhoric helpers


the glitter ball symbolises that from one source of light comes many reflections

and as we dance we know we are those reflections

not separate from each other, except in body and mind

no wonder it is the greatest joy to bring those bodies together

unite them in dance, in touch, in sex

finding again our oneness

and if we learn to empty our minds, find the infinite field of peace

we can merge in the mindspace too, in a psychic psychedelic symphony

nature, spirit and humankind


on dance floors the world over, the glitter ball says…. we are one light dancing, loving, playing

that is why we are here, that is why we are queer

the rest of humanity does not get who we are

and even though we too have fallen for their lies

we are the dancing spirit, and through our dance, through our love, through our sex

we open the gates of consciousness

but, obsessed with the material world, rejecting the religious past

humanity has largely forgotten that other dimensions exist

let’s open the gates, let the love and light of the Great Spirit through

and shock the discoknickers off them

2 responses

  1. I remember contemplating the glitter ball in the Twilo, NYC in 1997 and saying a similar thing myself to the person I was with…..although you have articulated it so much better than I did at the time. xxx

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