SUMMER even when its raining

Opening up to the life force flowing through us, feeling the presence of nature and the soul within us, shifting out of the fearful mind and into greater awareness, this is for me the way to use a rainy summer.  Summer is the season for knowing and celebrating the fullness of life.  It’s raining a lot on the UK this summer perhaps because the british people have forgotten how blessed and magical life is, we have become a greedy, selfish, moaning nation, quite the opposite to our true character as the queerest, most mystical, creative nation on earth. Rain brings contemplation… here’s mine.

Humans are all parts of one glorious manifestation of awareness and sensation. Our nature, as well as physical, is of love and bliss, and, ultimately, unitary. Mystics from every culture have found this out, and even in our secular culture today we can visit temples, teachers, take workshops (or simply bond with nature… or take the right drugs) to experience it. Healing is about moving through the blocks that prevent us realising this awesome spiritual nature. True healing can only come when we recognise our oneness with others, embrace forgiveness and light, and overcome fear and blame. We are all connected through physical atoms, pure vibration of light, and by love. The universe is alive in us, divinity is born in us, we are all children of creation born with the potential to celebrate each other, love each other and manifest a world of peace and enlightenment

We have the chance throughout our lives to grow as souls as well as personalities, and to heal the wounds we receive on the way, heal the damage we may have done to ourselves and others, then find the steps to move beyond the pain. Becoming conscious involves becoming aware of the results of our unconsciousness, addressing the damage we have inevitably suffered. and caused, as we grow up. Healing of the past and new growth happen over time – the wheel of the year’s seasons can guide us through the stages involved, with the potential to return us to the state of innocent connection with life we knew as children, but with the knowledge and wisdom of maturity.

When we embrace growth into our spiritual nature, healing is no longer about addressing what is wrong with us, it is about moving into what is right. It is about opening the treasure trove that is the soul, releasing all the love, light and joy that lies within. And at regular intervals addressing too the darkness we each carry, honouring and attending to the shadow side – perhaps through ritual or bdsm or hermit time – in order to continue our path to greater strength and light.

We have all been conditioned as children into certain beliefs, fears and prejudices that restrict our freedom and limit us. We also carry deep seated wounds that have destructive influences on our health and relationships. Also within us is the power to overcome all of this, for such is the nature of divine love, the root of our existence. Opening up to the life force flowing through us, feeling the presence of nature and the soul within us, shifting out of the fearful mind and into greater awareness – this for me is what the summer season is for.

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