2012 and all that – ASCENSION ESSENTIALS


How are you experiencing the acceleration of consciousness? Maybe things have speeded right up for you, bringing rapid manifestation of plans and dreams, or fast and intense rides in relationships with others. Or maybe they have slowed right down, as karmic overload of stuff that needs to shift out of your energetic system holds you in a place of inertia.


Opportunities have been arising all year to release emotional baggage, shift perceptions, change thought patterns and move into a ‘bigger picture’ of the life we are involved in. There may have been many lessons which reveal where we are in alignment with our soul purpose and nature, and where we are following fantasies of the ego-mind. There were probably times of clarity, when we spontaneously moved into alignment with our own higher consciousness, and times of withdrawal, when we are called to face and understand our own negativity, wounds and fears. We are in one of those periods of shift right now, and it has been predicted to last until mid august – a time to root out old emotional baggage that no longer serves us, and raise our vibration with love.


We are being taken through the process of ascension, by which I mean coming into alignment with the higher self – the part of us that has eternal and infinite qualities. Limiting thoughts keep us locked in fear based, egoic, separation consciousness. The way to help this process along and start to enjoy it is to open the heart wider, to be led by love in our choices and actions rather than by the fearful, thinking mind.


From the perspective of the higher self, there is only one consciousness in the universe, one presence manifesting throughout life. You are IT, IT is You. The creation we are part of is so awesome we are able as humans to know ourselves both as individuals having a unique experience and as the totality of experience at the same time – once we train our minds to accept and be open to that. Let the most intelligent part of us lead the way – the heart, which communicates with others and all nature through feelings not words. Embrace the unity of life through loving all beings – and when there is someone or something you simply cannot love, for whatever reason, accept that being’s right to their own experience, do not harbour negative, judgemental energy against them. The reason is that they are simply you in another form, so offer them the freedom to be who they are, and love them if possible, just as you would want to be loved, not judged. This is why the bible says to love our enemies, and to love our neighbours as our selves.


Human consciousness is undergoing a dimensional shift. In 3d reality we appear separate and boundaried, there are structures and natural laws that govern how life manifests. Within this reality we experience duality – the dimension is built around a polarity structure which we know as right/wrong, good/bad, male/female, up/down, positive/negative etc. We operate from a rational mind that analyses, reasons, calculates, makes comparisons, draws conclusions, and stores information. The mind is our tool for navigating our way around the 3d reality of space and we experience time moving in a linear forwards direction, giving us past, present and future.


In the model I use, the fourth dimension is a non-physical space of transition. It is where the energies created in our 3d mental and emotional realities accumulate and transform. To get to the fifth dimension of universal consciousness and love we have to pass through this level, making the shifts necessary in ourselves to become aligned with the unified, integrated level of being. Non physical energies/entities live in the fourth dimension, and are drawn magnetically to vibrations created by us that match their own. So if we are producing a lot of love and positivity we will be surrounded by energies that celebrate that and lift it higher. If we are sending out negative energies these will attract forces that feed on our darkness. These forces then subtly influence us to create more negativity, to get pleasure even from our painful places, in order to sustain themselves.


Negotiate the way through the fourth dimension’s challenges by embracing LIVING IN THE PRESENT. If our lives are controlled by the past, if we are projecting fear or fantasy into the future, we are unable to function healthily and to move into love consciousness. Many writers teach us how to really live in the NOW, which is the only place that actually exists. The past and the future exist only in our minds, so in the mind we must recognise that we have CHOICE to create the experiences of our lives. We have the power to create positively, each new moment of NOW offers us the chance to make a choice that supports and benefits us. Moving out of the duality of the 3rd dimension we will encounter PARADOX – we will find that truth changes. What was true for us one moment may be replaced by a different truth the next. Our seemingly individual, yet actually unified, existence is one example. We are moving out of the rigidity of 3d and into the flexibility of higher consciousness.


Eventually the fourth dimension brings us to a point of equilibrium which is the entrance way to fifth dimensional life. We touch 5d when life falls into a natural, graceful pattern, when we can feel the unified field of love that pervades existence, and instead of a struggle life becomes a wonderful game we chose to be part of. We start to know the soul within us and no longer identify with the (battered and bruised) little me. We know we are a vast conscious being who chose this journey on earth, and the trials that come with it, for a reason. We start to know that reason and to manifest our true purpose on the earth. There is no separation from others, we know them as manifestations of the same essence that we are, so we meet them with compassion and love. The innate wisdom and knowledge of the soul becomes available to us, and our spiritual abilities such as intuition, telepathy and clairvoyance, increase.


The fifth dimension is accessed through the heart – via feelings of beauty, reverence, kindness and love for all beings – and brings us into the higher mind. We start to look at things as a unity, and to create our life experience from that positive foundation. We feel our connections with others, and the energy that passes between us. We open to the blissful core of reality, and experience what many of earth have called heaven.


Many of us on this planet are already very attuned to heaven as a vibration, but are not living that reality. We have allowed ourselves to be convinced that life is about conflict and struggle, we see what is going wrong in the world and feel defeated and powerless. This is the opposite of what we are.


The final year of the fourth world of the mayan calendar is bringing all the dramas promised by those who have had visions of the ‘end times’. We are in an enormous transition as a species, and we each have the choice to help that transition along or not, by changing our own part of the universal consciousness. Our thoughts and feelings are creative, we are powerful creatures. When we believe we are weak, wounded and helpless we are not only denying our power, we are USING IT to create the negative situation we are holding in our minds.




  • remember that the mind is only one part of your make up. If your mind is running the show, occupying most of your attention – shift this quickly. Balance mental energy with emotional, physical and spiritual expression.

  • Find out what baggage you are carrying in your emotional field. Cleanse it, heal it.

  • Balance yourself too through the elements. Earth, air, fire, water. Which element is lacking in you? Spend time with it, explore its mysteries and gifts.

  • Raise your vibration through what you choose to focus your attention on and who you choose to mix with.

  • Embrace the possibility that you are the single consciousness of the universe, manifesting through all things and beings. Build a shrine to reflect the unity of existence

  • Embrace the world, and yourself, with love. Look after yourself as you would a child or a lover. Know the child within you, the inner male and female, and the divine soul. Listen to these parts of yourself.

  • Live in the NOW, be spontaneous, flexible and open to new things as they arise   


    ” What paralyses life is failure to believe

    and failure to dare.

    The day will come when,

    after harnessing space,

    the winds, 

    the tides 

    and gravitation,

    we shall harness for God the energies of love,

    and on that day, for the second time

    in the history of the world

    we shall have discovered fire,”  (Teilhard de Chardin)

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    • Hugs Shokti! Really needed to be reminded of this right now, and explains why I keep unexpectedly remembering and musing on things, both bad and good this month 🙂 XXX

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