Get out of incessant thought! Empty the mind, free the emotions, plug into the universe and recharge the energy body!


When we take a step out of the usual frantic pace of life and slow ourselves down many crucial life-enhancing things can happen. It is a chance to reboot our system, feel our spirit as we drop the constant stream of mental thought, and connect to the deep healing, loving natural energies of life that are present all the time, here to sustain and encourage us, but largely kept at bay by the busyness of our lives.


For some a daily meditation practice works, others may find an occasional day dedicated to doing nothing can be very helpful. At certain points in our lives it also may become necessary to slow down completely, retreat into ourselves for an extended period to touch deep levels of healing and insight.


When we slow down and go into the magic of simple presence we can feel the sacred energies of life flowing though us. This is touching the root of what we are, and is an opportunity to release our problems, drop blame and unhealthy attitudes towards others, releasing into the great love-filled void. Drawing energy from that place we can fill ourselves with self-love and sense of well-being. All the judgements and criticism we make of ourselves are socially conditioned and do not have to be carried through our lives, we go into emptiness to touch again who we really are, and come back empowered.


Looking at the colour, diversity and sheer magnificence of nature, it is arguable that Life was intended to be a happy, enjoyable and powerful experience, one best enjoyed in kind company and good places. The modern consciousness attitude of ‘more, more, more’ that has ruled our western society for a while now, and which we have – tragically – exported to the rest of the world, is simply not sustainable, and is not in tune with the natural rhythm of life, which goes through cycles of expansion and retraction. So life cannot always be happy and enjoyable, and in order for it to be a positive journey of light and love we must also journey through the darkness, the shadow they cast.


But it seems humans are not on the whole happy, life can seem a constant struggle to reach a healed place of equilibrium. Slowing down will help a lot with this, but will involve facing stored up feelings of discomfort, mental and emotional pain, boredom, frustration, loneliness, anger – all the things that basically we avoid by keeping busy. We need to take these features of our lives into the stillness with us, and let them be transformed. Sooner or later life will force this sort of action on us – through an accident or illness we will find ourselves in a place where our usual behaviours and avoidance techniques can not be employed. Avoid calamity and sickness by making this practice of ‘clearing out’ and rebooting the self with love and feeling of connection to all existence a regular thing!


Two strong and often brutal forces influence all our lives and can produce great psychic terror in us even though they are in theory nourishing pillars of our life on earth. They are RELIGION and FAMILY. Both of these can be good for us, but can leave us feeling very abused and dishonoured. They can keep us in fear and apply enormous pressure on us to conform to certain standards, which may not be in accord with the free loving nature of our souls. We grow up conditioned into certain expectations, especially around relationships, career, and how we enjoy and express ourselves, that may simply become toxic baggage that poison our lives and our relationships. This baggage can be dropped, the free flowing, loving soul can be set free.


We have just been thru the lammas full moon, and many people I know have felt the energy of this time very strongly. It is a moment where everything seems to stop, where we see clearly the true situation of our lives. This can be painful if there are things that need to change. It can also seem painful if slowing down, have some empty time is not natural to us. But of course it is absolutely natural, and crucial for our well being that we do it. Now we are into august, and the post lammas period can be an easier time where life is calmer and we can keep our challenges in perspective, and take the actions, make the changes that are needed.


Through slowing down we give the mind a chance to shut up, and let the heart speak instead. Let love speak through us and move out into the world. We can honour the pains and burdens and fears we carry, but crucially, we can tap into the source energies that sustain and will uplift us. Negative thoughts can be reprogrammed, changed into thoughts that create good feelings in us and open up positive ways into the future. We are all souls on this planet, souls full of the grace and light of divine love, we do not have to persist in suffering. This is the age of Aquarius – love and awareness can now replace the Piscean story of progress through suffering. Natural flow, unburdened joy and recognition of the UNITY of all life can lead us forwards now. We have to slow down to release the past and enter this place of connection, communion and peace   At such a time as the world is going through, slowing down to touch deeper reality is absolutely crucial.

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