2012 is the year of the tipping point of human consciousness from an age of conflict to the time of collaboration.  this photo from the london olympics sums it up, and the olympic festival as a whole was a sign of the times

the opening ceremony was a ritual that self consciously announced britain’s role in the transformation of human life.  it opened with a reading of blake’s jerusalem and a stadium wide scenario of the nature loving pagan past, with glastonbury tor recreated and fertility symbol maypoles at each quarter.  We took a journey through industrialisation, with land being torn up to make mines and factories, mighty smoking towers shooting up from the ground and five giant gold rings forged of molten steel rising into the sky to form the olympic symbol; and through war and loss, coming to the birth of hope in a modern world – healthcare and magical childhood, pop culture and mass communication.  The olympic flame, which had toured the entire country over several weeks, acquiring as it went a mystical power that many have remarked on, sped along the thames to the stadium, held aloft by a smiling goddess while her handsome god steered the speedboat.  Received by our greatest british olympians it was then passed on to 7 young athletes – 7 the number of the chakras – who brought it to the centre of the stadium and lit the 200+ individual flames brought into the stadium by the nations of the world.   The flames rose aloft to form a single cauldron that then burned constantly for the duration of the games.  The olympics were created by the  ancient greeks to honour the great king of the gods Zeus and all at mount Olympus.  The Brits did them proud, the games happening at Lammas when in ancient times we celebrated our own sun gods, such as LUGH, the Shining One, who often appears topless, virile, sundrenched and wearing a kilt.

For two weeks we feasted on top quality sportsmanship, beautiful shining examples of the miracles possible in the human form, amazing feats of endurance and skill, breaking records… and ecstatic peaks felt by athletes and massive audiences resonating and resounding round the world.  A very rare thing happened.  A vast number … perhaps billions on the planet as a whole … were tuning into an extremely positive, uplifting, celebration of humanity in harmony.  Enjoying each other, competing yes but with great spirit, dignity and humility.  There were no drug scandals, there were no terrorist attacks or even scares.  There was no government sponsored alien invasion hoax designed to keep us all in fear, as some has predicted.  The collective consciousness has received a boost of positive energy like never before.

And the Brits have outshone themselves it seems. Not only hosting an efficient, safe and exciting games, but winning 29 gold medals too.  On the medals table we outstrip every nation except the far more populous China and USA.  A glance at our history and the impact this little island has had on the whole world should be enough to put up a good argument that we are and have long been a pivotal nation in human development, one that deserves to think more of itself than it generally does.

Every day on the screen men were hugging men,  sending a message to the worlds youth that this it is normal for men to touch and love each other, fantastic

God got a good look in too, with many prominent popular athletes of every faith making their prayers, to the sky, eg before a race, and giving their thanks to the earth when they won.  Usain Bolt makes a beautiful hand gesture to the powers above from the starting mark, it felt like he was offering over everything to the higher self and then enjoying the run.  a great recipe for life.

After two weeks of high energy pumping out of east london, and people all over the land declaring how their cynical attitudes to the games had vanished in the abundant celebration, the closing ceremony brought us the greatest in british music, tunes known and loved the world over.  Gay contribution to popular culture was prominent, with pet shop boys, george michael performing and freddie mercury appearing in hologram to launch the closing song of the main concert, we will rock you by queen, sung by jessie jay in his place.  John lennon’s imagine was an inspired and daring inclusion and reminded us all that these games were a ritual, a prayer, a chance….

the picture below shows an iranian and an american with their arms around each other.  i am confident that there are more humans who wish to see the world living in peace and cooperation than there are who would continue the story of war and conflict.  the age of peace has long been predicted, all faiths contain prophecies about it.

many have remarked that the letters of the London 2012 logo can be rotated to spell SION, and see this as a threatening conspiracy of some sort.  They dont seem to realise that any depiction of the numbers 2012 could be seen this way.  2012 IS maybe the entry into the time of SION….. which is simply one culture’s depiction of the golden age that comes once humans have reunited with the spirit and outgrown their childish battles, when we have learnt that we are more than mere flesh and blood, and started to embrace the full glory of the unity of consciousness that we embody.

London 2012 manifested that glory magnificently.

Photo: (H) Love or war... http://tinyurl.com/chj2gmh</p><br />
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