Full Moon is on August 31st … a so-called ‘blue moon’ due to it being the second full moon in this calendar month.  We have been through some challenging astrological situations this year, pushing us all towards personal growth and integration as parts of our lives not in alignment with the loving purpose of our higher selves got shaken out and exposed – but life has probably been offering a lighter load since the new moon in Leo on August 17th brought in a sense of a new start, a brighter and more beneficent period than the summer had offered previously.

This has been aided by Venus in Cancer since August 7th, bringing more gentle, nurturing energies into the picture. It’s probably easier to get along with others, and with the aspects of our own inner being, than it has been for a while. This full moon is an opportunity to harness these positive energies and use them to further our personal journeys into self-awareness and light.

The sun is in Virgo, a period of the year when focus is best given to the details of our lives, giving a chance to look at the pieces of the puzzle that create the overall picture. Sun in Virgo is time to get organised and deal with unfinished business. Virgo energy loves order, and is about the day to day routines and also about physical health. The full moon in the opposite sign of Pisces brings energy that loves disorder, spiritual health, cosmic vision and highlights our relationship with the infinite. These two energetic pulls can be brought together successfully if we find balance through identifying and expressing our spiritual needs, while maintaining order in our everyday lives.

Full moons are always emotional times – the Pisces full moon dissolves boundaries between ourselves and others, and illuminates the experience of oneness, of limitlessness, within us. We have here the opportunity to engage positively the need for structure in our external lives alongside our yearning for transcendent experience, our longings to dissolve into the infinite. This could be a perfect time to make ritual that honours both our earthly and our spirit nature, opening the doors to our psychic, clairvoyant senses to receive information from the universe to illuminate our paths.

The full moon will be in close conjunction with Chiron, the asteroid considered to represent the energy of the wounded healer in us. Chiron was the ‘geek’ of the centaurs, who were mostly a playful, lusty, boozy lot. Chiron chose instead to study and became a tutor to the heroes of greek mythology. This conjunction may pour light onto elements in our past where we have received energetic woundings, helping us to see those wounds as gifts that lead us to growth and that bond us to the rest of humanity.

The moon will also be close to mystical Neptune, quickening the flow of creative juices and escapist tendencies (though the impending opposition of Mercury to Neptune may seed some doubt and obscure our understanding of what is happening). A good time to party – but with a purpose. On I found the advice that “to fare well under this Full Moon, transcend (Neptune) your wound (Chiron) and think in terms of compassionate (Pisces) service (Virgo).” This is another tip for negotiating the powerful energies heading our way – Pisces draws us to dissolve into the Oneness, but Virgo calls us to serve that Oneness as it manifests through others – so embracing both of these tendencies within ourselves is likely to bring the greatest joy.

We will also feel the influence of the moon sextile to the powerful transformative influence of Pluto, which can be said to imply we should try to channel the intense, penetrating energies that will be around into something creative. Watch out for high emotions, with Venus semi-square the Sun prompting the rise of irritations with others that may really be the reflection of our own inner uneasiness. We are advised to control our yearnings for more out of life and find creative solutions to our own inner dissatisfaction.

Once we take on board that life is not the product of the physical universe, but that the universe is the product – the playground – of life, the place created by consciousness itself for life to happen, it becomes easier to find and come into alignment with the patterns and influences that repeat in the cosmos and in our own lives. Seasonal festivals and the phases of the moon are ideal times to ‘jump on the wagon’ and enjoy the cosmic ride.

We are not beings of matter who have evolved awareness – we are awareness itself that evolved bodies to live in! Harmonising with the cosmos is the way to bring harmony and hope into our lives, releasing fears and doubts about our existence and entering the higher vibrational zones of enlightenment and joy.

The Moon influences and teaches us perhaps more than any other of the heavenly bodies, because it is the closest one to us. It’s phases teach us about life’s cycles, and where it lies in the astrological circle highlights different parts of our individual, and collective consciousness. Take the ride this august blue moon and here is the chance to know and feel our part in the greater wholeness of existence, get clearer on our purpose and see deeper into the mystery of life’s journey.

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