Embrace it! We are born, we live, we die. In the middle section we can more or less choose how we use our energy, depending on our circumstances. If life is a struggle to survive in the face of difficult conditions imposed on us by nature, or other humans, we may not have much lee-way in how we live. But if we are comfortable, safe, supported and loved, we have the choice to evolve into higher states of being – expanding our awareness, compassion and offering service to others who need assistance and support on life’s challenging journey.


For the first time in human history all the religions, magical paths and spiritual practices of humankind are available to us. There has never been a better time to dive in and discover what life is, who we are and why we are here. Of course we can leave that to others and simply become their followers or detractors. Or we can take the journey for ourselves.


Each one of us is a unique manifestation of a conscious human spirit. Our bodies are miraculous, our emotional possibilities are vast, our intellectual capabilities awesome, our spirits infinite and eternal. Why live as a limited being, constricted by logic and constructed by the norms of society. Only we can choose for ourselves to get out of our boxes and discover new territories in life. Only individually can we contribute to the elevation of the collective consciousness.


The reward for making the choice is knowing yourself as a free, untainted, pure and eternal soul. Or avoid the challenge and continue to live in fear. It is 2012 and the vibration of life on earth is changing fast. Those who make the choice to grow as a conscious soul will find the times to come much more exciting and easier to navigate than those who continue to believe in fear and separation. The choice is going to become starker and clearer. Only our own negativities hold us back. Yes we need each other for support on the path, but we need to choose for ourselves to get on the path in the first place.


Or just keep moaning that everything is going to hell – and thereby help it get there.

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