The feast of the Mabon, the divine child, is a moment to pause and reflect. Summer ends as balance arrives, day and night being of equal length across the globe. The sun moves into Libra, encouraging us to address and find balance in our lives. This is a harvest festival, time to give thanks for what is being harvested – on all levels, not just the agricultural – at the end of summer’s journey. It is worth to reflect back and recall the events of the summer, which often seems to pass by so quickly compared to the dark winter months, before the new season kicks off.


Mabon is the name of the “great son of the great mother”, “the child of light”. He is a welsh god, born at this turning point of the year, son of Modron, the Guardian of the Outer World, the Mother Protector Goddess. After three days (some legends say three years) he is mysteriously kidnapped, and eventually returns home thanks to the help of various animals – stag, blackbird, owl, eagle and salmon – as the Son of Light wiser and stronger after his ordeal.


I wonder if this myth points to something in our human condition – after a short few years we are exposed to the brutal and challenging aspects of life, cutting us off from the security and comfort of union with the divine (usually as experienced through our mothers) until we are older and find our way back to that place, enlightened and developed as a person. That is, if we ever do – because the modern world has cut us all off from a sense of mystery and initiation into higher states of human consciousness, only a few consciously choose to question the darkness of our lives and seek sincerely for answers and light.


For the coming six months of the year life is turning inwards, nature slows down and becomes dormant. For us it is time to embrace an inward journey too – to heal what is out of balance in us, and to discover more about who and what we really are, from the inside. The gateway to this journey is gratitude, we are best served by entering the autumn season thankful for all the good parts of our lives – our homes, our families, our friends, our work, our play. The darker months will empower us to change the less than happy parts of our existence, if we take the journey willingly and seek to unveil the light of the divine child within ourselves.


We humans are the merging point of animal passion and instinct with divine love and consciousness. The balance point of the equinox is the time to honour the balance between those two poles, doing so will lead us to the rich, rewarding lives we deserve. If you do not feel you deserve such a life, I wonder what you think you were born for. And even if we believe we were not born for a purpose, surely choosing to live for richness of spirit and rewarding joys is one of the best options. Tuning to the cycles of Nature we learn that She is our teacher, showing us each year just how to grow into her magical, vibrant child of light.

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