2012: the final stages

The most anticipated year in the spiritual history of the planet is in its last quarter. 2012 is almost over. I am not predicting the end of the world, but to dismiss theories of 2012 as nonsense is to seriously miss the point.


Is 2012 a turning point in human history? YES, but the real window of change is a period that began in the 1960s, accelerated in the 1980s, and will continue for a while yet. Some will experience 2012 as a peak moment in this period of transformation, others will keep their minds focussed as firmly as they can in other directions. Aside from evolutionary changes in the earth’s ecosystem, climate chaos and crisis in human political and economic systems, the change that is underway is a shift in our understanding from viewing ourselves as separate, isolated beings lost in a random chaotic and dangerous physical universe, to knowing all life as a unity, interconnected, eternal and driven by the power of unconditional love. Far from being a cold and empty place, as we have often been encouraged to believe, the universe is rich in feeling, beauty and consciousness – and we are the manifestation of that. I would go as far as to say that something may happen that reveals to vast numbers of us that humanity is ONE BEING, and that at the core our essence is that of the divine itself. The veils may lift and our separation from the dimensions of spirit will be gone – of course for many of us on the planet, this is not going to be anything new. Plenty of people live with awareness of spirit on this planet, but those who see only mundanity and separation in our existence seem to have had the upper hand for some time.


I asked a room of 100+ people if they are experiencing 2012 as a year of spiritual transformation – 70 – 80% of them put up their hands to affirm that yes, spiritual transformation is happening in their lives. This was at the recent LOVESPIRIT FESTIVAL, an event that brought together 200 queer folk in a collective expression and exploration of our spirituality – after a day of workshops and activities we sat together to hear Andrew Harvey speak of the mystical path and call to gay people to listen to the world’s mystical voices, rather than religions, in order to find our own spirit and grow.


Searching for answers that explain our existence as humans here on planet earth is a crucial, fundamental, part of being alive. Exploring spiritual paths and concepts is part of our journey here, part of our growth as individuals and as a species. Mysticism opens us to direct experience of the unity, love and light energy that underpins and enriches our lives.


To ignore these questions, to simply take life for granted, and go about consuming, competing and using up the world’s resources is to be little more evolved than an insect or animal. We humans have a powerful intellect that needs to be used and developed if we are to find out who we really are. Humans possess all the lusts, drives and instincts of the animal kingdom, combined with the ability to reason, intuit and to create. If we do not explore and develop the awesome power of the mind and heart we are simply continuing the story of animal life on earth. It is only when we open up the energy of the heart and the creative potential of the mind that we raise our vibration and find ourselves to be part of a cosmic evolution.


2012 is almost over! Long hailed as THE TURNING POINT in humanity’s growth as a species, we have only a short time left to ‘get on the bus’ and celebrate, commemorate and consolidate the transformational energies of this time. Not that those energies are going to be in short supply in years to come, but some are saying that if we do not wake up now to the energy of spirit directing and manifesting life then we may find ourselves leaving the planet and continuing our soul journey elsewhere.


We can eat, shop, fuck, make families, make homes – but in these behaviours we are not so very different from the rest of life on earth. It is only when we seek to understand the very source that gives rise to our existence that we are begin to live as something more than an animal. The very consciousness in us is the spark of life itself. Explore it, expand it and we grow into who we really are.


The scientific paradigms of the twentieth century have helped us to extricate our lives from the chains of religious authority, but now the fundamental starting point of scientific exploration – the assumption that our universe is first and foremost a physical phenomenon – is breaking down. Quantum physics is demonstrating that energy is at the root of everything, and energy is created and directed by thought and feeling as much as by anything physical. A new understanding is on its way – one example of the shift occurring is the story of Eben Alexander, a neuroscientist who fell into a coma but experienced that his consciousness continued. He is now telling the world about it…. http://www.lifebeyonddeath.net/


The cycles of nature offer us the chance to deepen our communion with divine light and truth every year, and we are now approaching SAMHAIN, the festival of death and rebirth that falls halfway between the autumn equinox and winter solstice. Samhain is the time of the year when the veils that keep us separate from the dimensions of spirit are said to be at their thinnest. So this is an ideal time to turn our attention to the universe and ask it to reveal its true nature.


At Samhain we honour the dead – and so have a chance to celebrate the ongoing unity of life and death. There is no death for the soul – when the body dies our consciousness returns to a non-physical plane, as Eben Alexander found out. So remembering the ancestors does not have to be a sombre, morbid affair, it can be a celebration – in all the world the Mexicans probably make the greatest effort to make the Day of the Dead something very special.


All this year astrological alignments are pushing us towards realisation of the deeper reality of human existence. It seems that after all the technological and educational advances of recent centuries we are ready to face the truth. For some this truth is going to be shattering, as their world views collapse, but ultimately, for all of us, this is going to be a breakthrough as fundamentally affirmative and transformatory to life as was the discovery of fire.


A few months ago in February, Neptune began a 13 year journey through its home sign Pisces. This brings forth the energy of spiritual connection and dissolves the veils that separate the various levels of life. Uranus entered Aries in 2011 and stays there for seven years – this alignment brings radical, revolutionary change, pushing us out of our comfort zones and encourages the true self to emerge. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, so it’s arrival in Aries – starting a new 84 year journey through the 12 signs of the zodiac – is a major step into the new Aquarian age.  Uranus in Aries is a powerful push to know our true inner divine Self.


Pluto also brings radical transformatory energies, and since its arrival in Capricorn a few years ago we have been seeing the structures of finance, business and governments being challenged. This will continue for some time, and the square that is formed between Pluto and Uranus seven times over the next seven years brings intensity and change. Pluto and Uranus were conjunct in the mid 60s, their energy is said to have kicked off the sexual revolution of that time. Now they have begun a series of alignments that will remind us of the energy of that time and push things further.


Saturn has moved into Scorpio, which also encourages the fall of the veils between us and spirit, and the dissolution of the fog of confusion in our own inner worlds.


New Moon in Libra on October 15th will bring new energy and should enhance our motivation to deal with the changes that are coming. The Full Moon in Taurus, October 29 right in the Samhain period, balanced by the Sun in Scorpio, brings a time of healing, when what needs to be balanced or transformed within us will become very clear. Chiron trine the Sun at this time adds compassionate understanding to the picture and could make this a very magical time of healing grace.


Which all gets us ready for November and then the powerful time of the Winter Solstice on December 21st, the date the Mayan Fourth World ends and their ancient and sophisticated calendar resets to Compared to certain previous millennial times in human history (including the recent Y2K) there seems to be little expectation or fear that the ‘world will end’. But an old world is clearly ending – the world of greed, competition, separation. The birth process of the new world of cooperation, sustainability and spiritual awareness has been underway for some time, and the journey is not over yet. But it just might be that the stars, the planets, and the spirit worlds, have enough surprises stored up to accelerate humanity’s leap into a new understanding, into a sense of unity and connection, into awareness and love.


Mayan experts tell us that at winter solstice the earth and sun will be in direct alignment with the centre of the galaxy. This alignment has been happening every year at this time since 1980 and will continue until 2016. The Mayans believed this point – Hunab Ku – would bring a major shift on planet earth. As we cross this galactic equator the energies of the divine feminine are said to be flooding back to planet earth, ending the period of patriarchal domination. And not only the Mayans saw this time as significant. Other tribes of the American continents had similar calendar systems, and a belief in a major change to come around now can be found around the world, from the Maori of New Zealand to the prophecies of the Christian Bible.


It may or may not be easy during this time to keep one’s head tuned into media induced or consumerist motivated ‘sleep’. It is only when we open our eyes, minds and hearts that we become awake to the awesome changes happening in consciousness itself. Of course, events may wake us up against our will and force us to face what is happening. We can respond with fear or with love. We can try to remain in the animal stage of human life, or we can open ourselves to the stars and become a galactic human, realising the divine spirit within us all. If we drop resistance and open to love, this may even be a period of amazing grace, as our own individual consciousness becomes aligned to what is really going on.

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  1. Hey darlin’, I always appreciate your writings, but the human/animal division didn’t work for me this time: “to simply take life for granted, and go about consuming, competing and using up the world’s resources is to be little more evolved than an insect or animal”.
    Hmmmmm, insects ARE animals, and they have PERFECTLY evolved over many millions of years to be the care-takers of soil-making and plant-pollination; we apes are the new kids on the block, and in need of honing! When we stop seeing ourselves as superior to other creatures, we will be truly human. Perhaps one day we will live in harmony like a bee hive or termite colony, which is the largest known construction on earth, relative to the size of the builders (forget the pyramids!); from space, the largest biomass on earth is bacteria in rock and green algae in water – these are the manifest angels of existence without which nothing could survive – they created the atmosphere we breathe!!! Small is beautiful. ‘Less’ evolved = older = ancestor = essence. This was a transmission from Rabbit Planet, with love, over & out!xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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