samhain 2012

back in a hospital bed after all these years

time to go within and sort out those fears

the answer came to me through hiv

our souls are eternal and we were born to be free.

now my heart is in danger, blood supply blocked

the gate to the otherworlds once more unlocked

here at the time when the veils are thin

i feel the great peace and welcome it in.

in our hurry for comfort and security

we’ve forgotten it’s in the dark that we learn to be

at peace, at one, in harmony

children of the great mother kali

and in this world…..

we wont be controlled by religions, by laws

things the spirit within us truly abhors

only love is the law, love under will

and there is no failure in being ill

we came here to learn, make mistakes and rise high

the veils are lifting, to ignorance – goodbye

all life is one, our father is the sun

our mother is the earth

now comes the rebirth


happy new year, blessings on the journey to multi-dimensional reality


2 responses

  1. Very nicely said.
    The wheel keeps turning and the cycle starts again, again!
    Through a life of love pure unto will, we are reminded that in this life we die and are reborn many times over,

    Last night was a magical evening. As the mother moon was full , she bestowed a kiss of love and rebirth apon her lover the sun (our father) sending him to walk alone in the darkness for a period of growth.

    Come lay a little apon her breast and comforted by her love.
    Her secret of rebirth adore, for from her womb light will grow.

    You could feel and see at times the souls of lost wandering in the darkness alone.
    Caused by the hold of love or loss, To
    Live is to love, to love is to let go, to let go is to live again!

    All light bearers its time to project the astral light and assist in crossing over any spirit that is lost confused or ready to cross over.

    Through life and death we are reborn to live forever!

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