all acts of love and pleasure are her rituals

The goddess told me…….


that we are her children

the celebrants of life

gay girls, faerie boys, andro kids

lovers of beauty, pleasure and joy

lovers of lovers of love

born to give and receive

and to make – love


she told me in love there is a secret

that people haven’t worked out yet

a mystery leading to the unveiling

of the multi layered reality

our eyes have barely begun to see

or is that in our obsessions

we have forgotten how to look


she told me she is waiting

until the darkest hour

but her love is always there

for those who turn to her


she is waiting for the dance to start

for the veils to lift

and reveal her throne

dancing faeries attend her

and angels do her bidding

she will come with comfort for the kind at heart

fury for the corrupt, abusive and greedy

and rage against those who persecute her gentle kids


shekhinah, shakti, maid, mother, crone

she never wanted her children to cope alone

but the men of war would have their day

until the turning of the way

she stepped back, hid as the virgin

but in heaven she is still queen


sniff the spirit


divine mother is near

we don’t have to know it all

to know ourselves

leaves journey as do stars

we are forever in the dance


those who awaken to the mother

awaken the divine child within themselves


chuchoter, susurro, sussurra, flustere

la mere divine est ici

la divina madre esta aqui

gottliche mutter ist hier


and she is calling to the queer


calling us to drop the fear

know the transformation’s near

lift up our hearts and be sincere

our eternal mother is here


all acts of love and pleasure are her rituals




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