The SUN has moved into the sign of SAGITTARIUS, the mutable, philosophical, freedom-loving fire sign that leads us into the realms of the collective consciousness following the death and rebirth journeys of the month of SCORPIO.  Few people have been untouched by recent upheavals and challenges, on personal and planetary levels – the new moon and solar eclipse in Scorpio last week were particularly intense for many – just about evereyone is now in some way or other wondering just what is really going on.


One month to go until the Winter Solstice, annual time of transformation and new light – this year coinciding with the end of the Fourth World of the Mayan Calendar. All the signs are pointing to this year being a huge turning point in human history on the earth. For many this will not be apparent, especially those who are glued to the media drama, who are stubbornly sticking to the rationalist scientific paradigms of the 20th century, or who keep their heads stuck firmly in the manipulations of politics and business. These powers that be have no interest in turning points and transformations, they merely want to preserve a status quo that maintains their power and authority. To be attuned to the deep changes going on it is best to think for ourselves, and find others who are doing the same.


How do we prepare ourselves to negotiate the accelerating vibrations and challenges of life? The stars and planets are there to guide us. This from Sarah Varcas on


“As the Sun shifts from Scorpio into Sagittarius on 21st, followed within hours by Venus shifting from Libra into Scorpio on 22nd, we enter a phase during which we have an opportunity to become more resonant with less than comfortable issues that have raised their heads lately, and begin to engage with them in an increasingly productive way. This is not to say that everything’s now set to magically fall into place. Far from it! But we have here a period during which we can begin to feel a bit more ‘at home’ with aspects of ourselves and our lives that we’ve heretofore chosen, consciously or otherwise, to ignore or disown. This is a great opportunity and we would all do well to take it!


“As Venus travels through Scorpio in the coming three and a half weeks, she encourages us to enjoy the depths of the human psyche. To find the comfort in knowing ourselves deeply, and even to enjoy the riskiness of owning up to what really goes on in our minds and hearts at times! Whilst doing so can make us vulnerable, it can also liberate us from all manner of hindrances such as shame, guilt and that gnawing fear that maybe we’re the only one who thinks and feels that way, with everyone else seeming to be so full of light and love all the time (!). The more of us that can ‘own up’ in this way the better now, because in doing so we’ll be collectively releasing a whole host of energy for more positive use in the long run.”


Coming up on November 28th is a lunar eclipse with full moon in Gemini. Lunar eclipses are always powerful, and this one has the potential to free our minds AND let strong feelings come to the surface. Astrologer Kelly Simas sums up the effects:


This Lunar Eclipse has an edge to it that forces us to start making necessary changes in our lives for the better. Believe it or not, it’s really about common sense, as Gemini’s energy rules the logic and reason. With this shift, this will make a conscious shift in our ways of self expression, in many forms such as writing, speaking, singing, communicating, our thinking process, past and present associations and mind alertness. This is a greater time more than ever to start shifting our perception from our old ways based on past learning and conditioning into consciously choosing what we want to see and experience. This means we need to sometimes go back to the past, where we came from, our roots and family history before we can gain further understanding of ourselves and the way we express ourselves.”  Doing this can release a lot of stored up emotion.


On the 26th November Mercury goes direct after another retrograde period which will have produced its fair share of communication challenges, but also prepared us for this kind of inner work. We are well into the ‘inward’ period of the year now, when, like the waning energies of nature, it is natural for us to withdraw somewhat from the world, indulge some hibernation and look at the state of our inner world. The winter solstice is only a few weeks away, which means we will soon be celebrating the return of the light and looking forward to next year’s spring and summer.


The Pagan Wheel of the Year enables us to negotiate the flow of growth and transformation year on year. The greater awareness about planetary and consciousness change that is around now can make things seem super intense and apocalyptic, and there seem to be certain strong forces on the world determined to resist the drive towards mass awakening to the unity of humankind, to recognising our interdependence with nature and the need for cooperation instead of competition and war. These forces sometimes seem to be pushing us towards devastation – they hamper action to address climate change by denying it, and they persist in use of force to solve problems.  Some of them even believe that devastating conflict will bring about their own salvation as the world is purged of sin!


Yet there are almost certainly more people on the planet believing in peace and seeking harmony between the peoples of the earth, than there are wanting conflict and pain. Coming soon is the chance for people of peace to make ourselves heard – and felt. If ever there was a perfect opportunity to show our belief in, and dedicate our energy to, the unity and harmony of humanity, this coming winter solstice is it. We can show that instead of seeing a future of conflict and destruction we the people believe in a future built on LOVE and COOPERATION. The momentum has been building for decades. This is the chance for change to come, inside ourselves and collectively.





SAGITTARIUS is the sign of reaching for greater understanding of life


My theory on why human society is in apparent crises left right and centre:

because we have lost touch with the divine dance


as tribal societies we knew the dance

we felt the spirit move in us and our clan and in nature

we were connected and sure


but it seems we had to leave that eden, and through

our religions and cults we have found ways to connect ourselves to something greater

and followed inspired visions of love, respect, fairness that we still fail to live up to


with the rise of reason and secularism – a process lasting a few centuries, but perhaps having its greatest effect since World War 2 – letting go of religion we have largely lost touch with the sacred, though we still hanker after the transcendent, finding it in music, dance, performance, drugs, exercise and sex – ie largely through the BODY. Religions taught so many taboos about the body and sex that now we are liberated from their grip we can explore the core bliss our physical nature has stored up for us.


We can also access the transcendent through re-engaging the sacred, exploring the powers of expanded heart (love and compassion), directed thought (positive thinking, affirmations, mantra) and group ritual, with a partner or several, in whatever form we choose that to take – maybe meditating together, praying, dancing, making music, whichever way we choose to connect and open ourselves to each other. Humans are interacting all the time but we rarely honour the sacred potential in the meetings of bodies minds and souls. When we do, we feel the difference.



entering deeply into the gateway of presence

totally now

dropping all else….. the quickest route…… is sex!

as we connect body to body and the flow takes over, thoughts are quickly seen as distractions from the now, irrelevant but often so persistent and disturbingly loud

getting out of the head, remembering body sensations, feelings, feeling the fire in the other person, combining our fires to bring souls and bodies into alignment, until the mind is empty or simply rejoicing, coming more and more deeply into the now, the feeling, the presence of what is happening.

through the doorway into soul awareness, into realms of bliss, where play can last all day.

inspiration, relaxation, pleasure and peace the result.



As the sun arrives in Sagittarius I am feeling that the work of self growth should focus on healing the rift between the holy self and the hurt self. Instead of trying to fix the wounded self, we can simply take care of it and hand ourselves over body and soul to the divine wonder as it is manifesting in and around us.  Find the sacred source within, and never feel alone or afraid again..


The dimensions of higher consciousness have been aligning with the 3rd dimension over a few decades, each time their presence of fire and light has descended a number of ‘awakeners’ from each generation have been picked up and their lives transformed. Some of these have become healers, teachers, authors, others have got lost in psychotic nightmares. Now there are people in place in every generation and all around the earth. The next descension of 4th and 5th dimensional energy is going to be a big one, lifting many people into higher realities, whether they are ready for it or not. Those of us who are used to these other levels of being are going to be needed, we are called on to light the way.


To align the various parts of the self and be ready for this dimensional shift is to honour the divine self within, to welcome in the 5th dimensional love god that you are and heal the wounded parts of psyche and soul, safe in the knowledge – the felt awareness – of our own all merciful divinity, that is the same divinity in all.

We are the dance of life, we are the dancer, and when we surrender and see the big picture, we see that we are also the danced, the divine within us has been leading us all along.  We need not fear, we need not doubt – we do better to explore and adore the life we find ourselves living.

No more sticking plasters for our wounds and fears.  The light of our true divine consciousness is here for us.  Sagittarius lifts his arrow and points the way.  There are more things in earth and heaven………….





One response

  1. Really great full for this Shokti,
    I’m a child of a sagittarian moon and a lot of what you,ve written here rings loudly in my mind. ( born outside with no one else to help my mother on the 19th dec)( a reason why I’ve always been happily on my own in whatever situation.)
    And agree that the healing and reconnection of holy self and hurt self through sex is a way ahead.
    On the 28th nov ill be in the woods as a child.

    Blessing to you dear Shokti

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