Things gay boys forget

Things gay boys forget

phallic worship is an ancient holy rite
thru the rising cock we raise the male god energy
we can be empowered by this, in body heart and mind
the god energy is sacred, we his sacred manifestation
which is why we need to treat each other as brothers
brothers on a sacred path called life, a mystery in deeds
not pieces of meat or strangers we meet and greet with greed
with whom we desperately must exchange seed

the pagan worlds all celebrated sexuality as a divine sacrament

the patriarchal religions made sex a dark taboo, a restricted rite
they cut people off from the power sex opens up in us
power transcendence bliss and insight

now we are free to be sexual as never before
with internet, backrooms, saunas and scruff
with poppers and uppers, blue pills and stuff
til we find out if its possible to ever have enough

we know we are flesh, we know our desires
but we are not sure any more if we have souls
science and hatred of religion have squeezed them out of our vocabulary
we believe we live only once, so we feel in such a rush
and we pretend we can rule life from the mind
and run wild with the desires
never mind what we might find

and if we have souls
then the whole thing is wrong
we are not evil, love is our song
and we do have souls, hearts that shine
spirits that fly and fall sometimes
bodies that crave attention
and the wounded child should get a mention

we broke out of the sexuality taboo
we could break the spiritual barrier too
life exists beyond our senses
and we are much more than what we find here
we havent been around the block, survived a plague
and partied like it’s the end of all time
and not learnt a thing or two
we are much more than what we find here

we are sacred, we are queer
beyond labels, beyond fear
life is sacred, life is queer
there need be no more blocks to love here
aquarius is here, aquarius is queer

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