December 2012 and tensions are high on planet earth. Some keep their heads glued to media fascinations and political dramas, but many of us think it is healthier to think for ourselves, to witness the changes that are happening and take a broader view, and get on board the consciousness train of development/evolution of the self.

More and more people are exploring various forms of spirituality and discovering deeper connections within themselves. Many queer adventurers on this path meet at faerie gatherings happening in europe, north america, asia and australia. We form a network of open minded, open hearted queers who welcome anybody who feels drawn to be part of the magically connected spaces of self discovery that we create. In faerie time there is space to heal, a chance to touch deep places within through the combination of being in nature and in loving community. There is time to get to know people, and ourselves, and to get creative, playful, dressed up, and yes dirty too.

Every Winter Solstice is a time of renewal. For thousands of years humans have gathered together at this darkest point of the year to give each other a boost of energy and celebrate the return of the light. This is the night to come out of hibernation into community and rekindle the love we share with others, build up the fire energy within us to help us through the winter, and to help us handle the energy of the transformations we are going through on personal and global levels.

Faeries are gathering in London on 20/12 2012, the final night of a massive cycle of the Mayan Calendar, with all the lesser cycles within it also aligning back to zero. The 21st December is a massive click on the cosmic clock. Some interpretations of the Calendar suggest it depicts the evolution of consciousness, each new layer building from and incorporating the previous levels. As all levels align a new super level is born. So perhaps this really could be the point where humanity realises that it is and always has been ONE SPIRIT, that all our differences are illusions in a complex pattern of species growth and the old story of conflict and conquest has got to change. Many of us already see it that way, when will the whole world? Isn’t this an idea whose time has come, and isn’t the hundredth monkey phenomena proof that it will spread quickly when it spreads.

Several ancient american calendars describe the end of a ‘fourth world’ and start of a fifth at this time in human history. A massive change is anticipated, and it is not hard to see that human life is going through massive changes. I do not need to see any outward manifestation of light or destruction to find significance around 21/12/2012. Light and destruction happen every day. But this date is one of those moments in history, made special by how much energy humans have put into it, it is the most anticipated date in spiritual history ever. Whether or not something happens on this date that makes the whole world sit up and swoon, I know that masses of people on this planet are already involved in co-creating a massive shift in human awareness. Part of this shift is to realise just how much danger we are in, with our planet’s ecology and our comfortable lifestyles threatened due to human greed and error. And part of the shift is waking up to a deeper understanding of who we are as human beings, why we are here and what we can grow into. Once this inward shift has happened we will we have more strength to face our precarious global situation and find solutions.

In faerie space queers meet to celebrate our personal life journeys and discoveries, we tell our stories, we listen and learn from each other. At the faerie End Of The World Party we will call to the directions, to elemental beings and devas of light. We will honour our oneness with all life, connect earth and sky within us and dance to the rhythms of the drums and faerie bells, we will dance for the birth of a new world of hope and light, and mark a point in history where one way of life was ending and a new way being found – finding our role as spiritual adventurers, utilising all the love and courage we as outsiders have learnt to carry through this world.

We live in a time of huge transformation on planet earth.  Gathering for a tribal ritual is a chance to honour that process, find others who are on the path of growth, and strengthen ourselves.  In this time of crisis and change, Life needs our love and courage.


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