reconnect to the miracle

we must reconnect to the miracle

find the seat of awe inside

if we cannot see the wonder

something in our soul has died


its a miracle we are here

on this rock in space called earth

its a miracle that the queer

are now free to find our worth


we have been hated for an age or two

though we have also had our flowerings

now is the moment of our greatest liberation

what are we doing with it?


If we use each other like commodities

and neglect to engage the heart

we will suffer addiction and disease

our lives gradually fall apart


we seem to have forgotten

we are children of nature and the stars

we badly need to wake up to the miracle

and heal our weeping scars


queers are born to a quest

to search for self, for love and health

we are at our best

when in the soul we find our wealth


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