Imbolc 2013

can you feel the transformation?

six weeks since the winter solstice, which was hailed as the start of the age of aquarius as well as the end of the evolution-mapping mayan calendar, we reach IMBOLC, festival of awakening, around jan 31-feb 2.  this is a time of promise, of sparkle – we are saying goodbye to winter and making way for the spring to arrive in a few week’s time.

the goddess at imbolc is in her maiden aspect, as Brigit, or Bride, particularly associated with crafts, poetry, divination, healing and fire.  she is a goddess of the hearth.  this is a great time to sit around a hearth fire with friends and tell stories (not so many hearth fires around today, but at featherstone castle each imbolc the faeries of albion rediscover the magic of the open hearth and the blessings of living in heart centred community)

we have been journeying through the darkest part of winter, when sometimes nature intervenes through the weather or illness to make us slow down, especially i believe if we not making space ourselves for some winter introspection.  she is encouraging us to spend some time within, contact our deep dark places – and heal – so that we may emerge into the spring with renewed energy and purpose.  imbolc is the stepping stone, it’s when we see what we have achieved on our winter inner journey and take a look at the long road ahead of us.

We are almost at the end of the year of the water dragon – if the powerful energies of 2012 brought the cosmic signs that convinced you that you are on a path of spirit, light and transformation, then imbolc is the perfect opportunity to affirm that path, through some kind of initiation, alone or with others, that directs your energies towards it, reminds you of your part in the whole and attunes you to the energy and cycles of 2013.

Imbolc is also a time of stillness, when winter still grips the land and nature is dormant, waiting to burst into life when the temperature rises. if we step outside the relentless pace of civllisation for a while, or even just for a moment, and be like nature – in stillness, in potential, full of promise waiting to burst into flowers – we come into alignment with the natural flow of life, recharge our souls and invoke well-being. we awaken the light of brigit within, ready to grow through the seasons ahead.

this is time to dream of our potential.  there has been a change of frequency since the solstice, the energies of the fifth dimension are open and present, though we may not be tuning into them.  when life starts to open up, offering opportunities and ecstasies, new and inspired, we are touching the fifth dimension.  the links between spirit and matter are becoming stronger, clearer, brighter – and we are getting ready to manifest the true transformatory vibration of supernatural love.

humanity’s obsessions with history, religion, money, debt, government, media are all illusions.  we are the manifestation of infinitely compassionate universal love consciousness – a reality that takes a little getting used to sometimes.  tuning into the sacred cycles of life reminds us who we are.  happy imbolc everyone everywhere.  may all beings know peace, love and happiness.


love is love is love is love

whoever loves whomever

whether we love one or a lot

let’s celebrate what we were born to do

let’s celebrate our love

let’s go beyond the lies and fear

embrace the love that is sacred and queer

our love illuminates the dark

and opens up the skies

let’s go beyond the limits

and love all that is alive

the power is in you, in me

to create, to heal, community

let’s go beyond what’s been known before

live out the dream we came here for

love is love is love is love

holy however you look at it


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