Light, Life and C21

The billions of stars in the night sky are points of light reflecting the billions of points of life here on earth. We live in a fractal universe – simple patterns evolve and revolve, never quite repeating the same thing twice. We see this in the galaxies, we can see this in nature – eg in trees, and we can observe this in humanity. From a basic pattern, common to us all, billions of unique individuals are born. We have a vast amount in common but we are never exact copies of each other.


We are born with the ability to feel, as we grow we develop the ability to think, to reason, to communicate through language… and we tend to forget that feelings are at the root of everything. Through feeling and emotion we communicate in ways that are more ancient and primordial than thought, logic and words. Through feelings a child bonds with its parents, through feelings we bond with animals and nature. Words are great for expressing what we feel and discover, but when language and logic rule we lose our innate ability to communicate through the senses.


Getting back to feeling, focussing on sensation, we can find the common bond that unites us all.


In the dark void of space, stars give out Light. Light carries information. Light gives rise to Life. The light of the Sun is directly responsible for life on Earth. No wonder our ancestors worshipped the Sun as giver of life. We are the information carried in those sunbeams learning to feel and think for ourselves, and developing the ability to give individual expression, through art, science and religion, to the unified energy that creates our existence.


The solar system is a field of light, a field of consciousness. We are the physical manifestation of that light. All our dreams, our hopes, our ambitions are the expansion of this light. Our fear and suffering is its shadow. We cannot have light without shadow. When we are stuck in the dark places within ourselves, we would do well to remember that they exist only because we are made of light.


We are through the portal of 2012, the most anticipated year in spiritual history. We can try to pretend life has not changed, but on every level it is trying to show us that the game is now different. We can persist in believing in division, in competition and conflict – yet the earth itself is telling us this game cannot continue. Our planet is a space ship, well stocked with fuel and resources, but the stock is not infinite and we have to learn how to manage it wisely. We can continue to believe we are separate beings who must fight for our existence, but we would do better not only to wake up to the underlying unity, and interdependence of ourselves and nature, but to work out how to bring that unity into the light, fully into awareness.


If we are still pretending that life is an accidental physical phenomenon we are going the way of the dinosaurs. Life is the manifestation of light, which some call divine consciousness, our existence with all the depth of feeling and sensation available to us, is an absolute miracle in a vast, cold, dark universe. Recognising this, aligning our lives with this fact, and doing what we can to create a world built from this principle is the work of the 21st century.



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