the rainbow people

We are the rainbow people
we appear in every race and nation
we are people of love and joy
we are not our sexuality
we are the ones who bring peace
tolerance and colour
we are passion and liberation
found through pain and pleasure
we are the rainbow people
love joy and liberation 
is the mission of our nation

some of us are gay
some lesbian, bisexual or transgendered
but it’s our hearts and minds as well as our sex
that makes us who we are
we are both male and female
made of flesh and spirit
connecting worlds is our calling
now comes the time for us to live it

yet most of us seem blind
to the spirit that we are
so many lies are told about us
so many seem to hate us
we haven’t found our own worth yet
haven’t unlocked all our treasures
is it any wonder 
we get so hooked on pleasures?

In our lusts and in our passions
burns the fire of life
in our open minds and unfurling love
lies the way to light

light of many colours
rainbows shall fill the void
we are channels, vessels and lightbeams
born to show there is more to life

Here to reveal and paint the rainbow
peace, love and understanding for everyone
children of moon and sun 
rainbow warriors, multidimensional
sexy souls simply sensational
love joy and liberation


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