“Radical Faeries are a collective of unique individuals who consciously express Divinity in their every day lives.  The word “radical” doesn’t only mean politically extreme, it also means going to the root of things.  Radical Faeries honor the “Sacredness of Everything”.  This includes the psychic world as well.”  (Luc Edouard Georges in ‘NYC Radical Faeries’ published 2006


BELTANE is our time, our magical season of celebration, community and going between the worlds.  Faeries flock to beltane gatherings to ignite their spirits, fill their souls with magic and love, and get the chance to live and breathe as the two spirit shapeshifters that we are at the core.

It is the radical exploration of spirituality and mysticism that makes us faeries unique in the queer universe.  We get in touch with the raw roots of spirit, the earth energies that manifest through dressing up, painting our bodies, drumming, dancing, sex…..  When we dance through life as a prayer we open the gates of consciousness and love, revealing to ourselves, and to those others that can see, that divinity is utterly joyful, playful, colourful … and horny.


Beltane is a festival of sexual energy rising as we attune ourselves to the spectacular growth that nature is rushing into.  We can grow along with it, dropping issues and fears from the past and allowing life itself to lead us into discovery, expansion and ecstasy.  Having shaken off the cobwebs and dust of winter, now we can emerge as, and grow into, the light bearers that we were born to be.


The new moon in Aries on April 10th brought in the long awaited energies of spring, which had felt stifled, held back, across the northern hemisphere.  We are now in the month of the WILLOW MOON, earth energies are accelerating and taking us with them.  This new moon brought a sense of optimism – a sense at last, 3 weeks after the equinox, that spring was arriving, and the chance for psychic and psychological renewal.  This is good to remember when the initial optimism of the moon period wanes – and is a chance to take some rest and recharge before the high energies of the full moon period whisk us up into beltane frenzy.


WILLOW is associated in celtic pagan terms with the Triple Goddess, particularly the transformation from her young maiden aspect to mother.  Willow has always been regarded as a tree of enchantment, and is used in ceremonies intended to enhance psychic abilities, leading to clearer understanding of the world.  At the Temple of Delphi in ancient Greece Orpheus received the mystic gift of eloquence by touching a willow in the sacred grove of Persephone.  Willow is the most flexible of trees, and teaches us to be flexible on our spiritual paths.  It also grows prolifically, reminding us to keep growing and reaching higher, no matter what happens along the way.


The energies of Neptune, at home in Pisces, are encouraging us all towards a more mystical relationship with existence, it brings out awareness of invisible realms, where earth spirits, ancestors, angels, deities wait to work with us in the creation of a divinised multi-dimensional world.  This Neptune energy has been recently boosted by Mercury passing through Pisces – and now Mercury is in Aries, where he is following the transits of, and tying together the energies of Mars, Venus and the Sun, This all points to this being the time to step out confidently and be the reborn self, after the winter – after many years of journeys, trials and triumphs.  We may still need to invoke forgiveness and release the past to move forwards with this, and it would be worth it.  Life is offering the chance to escape duality, or at least to put more ‘unity-orientated’ views into our minds.  Make peace with the past by honouring all setbacks and pain as steps on the way to becoming who we are now – embracing the fullness of that now we can step, alongside others, forwards into the next manifestation of our magnificent soul energies.


The Sun reaches the sign of Taurus on April 20th.  After a month of ‘selfhood’ (the Aries month this year has provided a deep realignment of who we are due to the presence of Mars and Venus alongside the Sun) we enter the sign of sensuality and connection to others.

Full Moon in Scorpio will arrive a few days later on 25th May and brings the first of a series of three eclipses that bring the opportunity to make deep shifts, even to be remade from the inside out, emerging from this time with new and inspired outlooks on life.  The full moon in Scorpio will shine light on anything we are hiding, or in denial about.  This is the time to remember clearly that through adversity we gain strength – by facing the shadows within us we learn there is nothing to fear, nothing to run from.  This full moon can be about claiming absolute sovereignty over our emotional and psychic selves.


On May 1st the moon arrives in Aquarius,  fuelling our beltane ceremonies with a sense of purpose, providing ideal energies for group mind and spirit.  

“Right around noon the Sun in Taurus will trine Pluto in Capricorn. Earth powers shine. This is great transformative weather. More constructive than light-hearted. Seriousness prevails. Just … don’t wear light pink. Sex is, of course, implied. Meaningful and productive conversations.

“This time around, the truth doesn’t hurt.”  (quoted from surpriseastrology.com which gives a day by day faerie overview of astrological energies during the beltane period).


Two weeks later the willow moon ends with a solar eclipse in Taurus, which will close this period of intensely magical earth energies as spring takes hold, and force us back into some kind of ‘normality’ that could leave us wondering if the wierd and magical events of the previous weeks were real or fantasy.


But that is a healthy feeling showing that we have concluded our time ‘between the worlds’ for now.  Not that we have to lose our sense of connection to spirit, and indeed it is through honouring spirit’s presence in all our activities that we keep the channels of love and light flowing through us, that we keep in touch with the pulsating, sexy divinity that yearns to manifest through us.

What makes us faeries?  Love of community, nature, play – and ritual.  When we faeries recognise the oneness of life, drop judgments and bitchiness to live in subject-subject consciousness, allowing our hearts to open, risk being vulnerable and offer love unconditionally to all, we honour the divine feminine and open the gates that make our souls shine and our bodies thrive.  We are a tribe of sacred adventurers, blasting away centuries of fear and shame about the body and misinformation about the divine.  We have important things to do on this planet, and every year at beltane the magical energies of the willow moon push us to open our wings, expand our hearts and minds, and learn to fly.


The age of aquarius is being born through groups of people transcending the limitations of separation, overcoming the prejudices and fears of the past.  “The sages of all ages have advocated that we can live in harmony with nature if we bring the FIrst Principle, which is “LOVE” to consciousness.” (Luc Edouard Georges).  

What a ride, merry beltane ye’all: may our loving be super strength, super sized and supernatural.

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