no separation

‘This is to be understood by the heart, there is no separateness at all.’ Upanishads


sages have always appeared on this earth

to tell us we are more than a physical birth

the kingdom of consciousness lies within

when we know this an age of love will begin


quantum physics tells us matter is an illusion

inside the atom there is mainly space

we desperately need to break out of confusion

and move forwards the story of the human race


religions scream at and fight each other

while others deny spirit all together

when will we see all as sister and brother

and embrace the fact that we exist FOREVER


you are not that personality

you are not that body or mind

get over the effects of gravity

and open to what’s there to find


the body is the temple of the soul

and the brain the receiver that lets consciousness in

if we open to spirit we have the chance to be whole

and a new age on earth can begin


I am You, You are I

we are one being on the way

no more separation

this is the day


the mystery of enlightenment

the promise of salvation

secrets are out in the open

there is no separation.


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