“Gay people have a function in this time of transition, a vital and necessary spiritual function….. To be gay is to have a different relationship to male and female. To be gay is to have a different relationship to young and old. To be gay is to transcend other groups, political, social, ethnic, religious. And the experiences gained from all these differences are useful to the whole of the human community.” Andrew Ramer, Two Flutes Playing

Nature is the playground, Love is the teacher. Faeries gather in forests, on mountains, in beautiful natural places where our spirits can expand and our overburdened souls can find rest and rediscover joy. We gather to heal, to reveal, to play and make love, to tell our stories and find out who we really are. We discover the play of masculine and feminine within ourselves, we find the ageless Self at the core of who we are, we transcend the limitations of identity and rebirth the sacred within our own being.

Shaking off the burdens and bugbears of life happens through connection to the elements. Peace comes to our minds – meditation just happens when we fall into the embrace of nature. We slow down, we heal. Guardian spirits flow around helping and nurturing us – away from the incessant noise of modern life, communing in our sacred groves, we feel and hear them more easily. The various parts of ourselves are all welcome at the feast, we no longer have to be anything other than our authentic self, and we support each other to be that.

Across the planet a network of radical faerie groups have established sanctuaries of queer spirit – places where anyone can go to be in nature, explore and play, creating community. Sometimes these are temporary spaces, sometimes they are permanent homes where our unique spirit can grow. At these sanctuaries we get the chance to reconnect to source, feel our oneness with the elements, know love as a primal energy that connects us all and recharge ourselves, fill up with good energy and boost the light that we bring to the world,


IN AUSTRIA THIS SUMMER there are both temporary and a new permanent manifestation of faerie love. Europe is about to be home to a second faerie sanctuary, 8 years after the inauguration of Folleterre in the Vosges mountains of north eastern France, comes the Kissing Awake of Wienviertal Sanctuary (pictured), a new faerie home in Austria, generously opened up to us all by the landowner, El. Ceremonials to kiss awake the new land happen 15-16 August and will be followed by a faerie trek west across the country to the Sound of Music territory of Salzburg where around around 50 faeries will meet for the first full 10 day Austrian Gathering.

Read about all this at

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At Folleterre Sanctuary in France we move into August with a community week leading into our annual Great Circle weekend, where we discuss the ‘business’ as well as the visionary aspects of the sanctuary project. Then it is time to relax into the laid back harvest vibration of Lammas and journey through ten days of summer gathering – where we are invited to ‘Play – Love – Be: Bring your dance, song, music, fantasy, sexuality and healing’.

At summer gatherings faeries from all over the world weave their magic together to create portals of pleasure and transformation. Folleterre hosts us and adds so much magic to the pot. In our love, in our play, and in our sincerity we are the scouts of the Aquarian Age – playing with energy, experimenting with spiritual community where our spirits, not our spiritual teachers, lead the way, and transforming through joy, saying goodbye to the conflict, pain-laden age of Pisces. Summer gatherings are open to faeries of all genders but most participants are in male bodies. The balance gets redressed later in the month…….

At the end of August the Luscious Pussy Collective Sensual Rescue takes over Folleterre for the second time, inviting pussies of any gender/identity/desire to a Rampant Summer Rumpus – queer diy space intended as a time of workshops, activities, mutual respect and love!

Coming after Beltane, Quiet, Rheingold and Sex Magick gatherings, Folleterre is having a very full summer season.  What with new water supply in place and lots of new land opened up for use after the cutting of the pine plantation, these are exciting times!  Meanwhile, in the UK 50 faeries met to start the summer with a solstice weekend gatherette in the mystical isle of Avalon, on a farm underneath Glastonbury Tor. With over 50 going to both Folleterre and Austrian summer gatherings it seems the faeries are gaining in numbers, and in relevance, in a world gone crazy and a gay scene stuck in its own blinkered conformity, the light and hope we bring is urgently needed. We are the healers. The world needs radical love! The healing has begun, the exploration of joy awaits us.


Summer is the season for love, for self expression, for creativity. The inward healing journey will start again soon enough. Let’s get out into nature and let the faerie child within show us the way to wholeness. Nowhere that I know of on this planet other than faerie space encourages us queers to delve deeply into the sacred essence of who we are and really bring it out into the open, to connect our sexuality and spirituality and discover just what we can offer the world.

Hoping to see you at the sanctuaries!


“What is spiritual, what is sacred, is being redefined. It is being redefined in a fluid way. Gay people, by their very nature, exist in a state of internal fluidity that will make us vital in this time of planetary challenge. As we enter the age called Aquarius, it is useful to remember that the constellation Aquarius represents the youth Ganymede, who Zeus took up to Mount Olympus to be cupbearer to the gods, and his own lover. Gay people have a share in this coming transformation. To the ancient Egyptians, the water carrier was the source of the Nile, pictured as a man with breasts. When Jesus was preparing for his last Passover, it is recorded in Luke that he sent his disciples into the city to meet a man carrying a jar of water, in a culture where only women were supposed to carry water.

“Let us carry the water of love again, the water of life. This is our role in the community of human beings. This is our share in the world’s redefining of the sacred. When we remember our own sacredness, we help to heal the world. We bring together families. We bring together countries. We use our fluid natures to make change. We remember what is sacred in us, and we rejoice in it again.” Andrew Ramer, Two Flutes Playing

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