To Russia With Love = GAY RIGHTS DEMO LONDON 3/9/13


Gay people in the West are calling out to our sisters and brothers living in oppressive political or social situations across the planet. We are calling on the leaders of the free world to make it clear that gay people have human rights too. We are demonstrating, we are chanting. We want you to know that we care.




We, the gay – queer – transgendered – bisexual people of planet earth are born into every race, every nation, every class and every family. We are often feared, hated and attacked but we continue to come out and stand up for our right to be who we are and to love whom we choose. The love in us is stronger than the fear of attack, we have to come out because we have a job to do.




Queer people are here to teach humanity how to love, how to overcome fear and hatred. We are here to show that all people deserve respect, love and the freedom to be themselves. We march annually on the streets of hundreds of cities to demonstrate that we are proud to be gay, proud of our love, proud of the joy and light and laughter we bring into this cruel world. We celebrate life. We are born to incarnate joy, the true nature of the human soul.




Love is the key. Love will take humanity to the next level. Love opens the spirit and brings transformation. We, the gentle ones, the healers, the magicians and musicians of the human race will bring to an end the age of war and hatred. We will heal humanity of its fears. We have within us the magic that will show that all people are One in Love.




We are born this way to give birth to an age of peace, tolerance and understanding, through our own actions and via the growth in heart and mind our presence demands of others. The rainbow is our symbol because we represent freedom and liberation of the soul. We are part of the birth of a brighter day.





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