To be human is to be divine

To be human is to be divine. Most people have either forgotten this, or more likely were never told it, and instead believe in lies that say we are something less than that. There are a lot of those lies about, from religions that tell us we are wretched sinners from birth to those branches of science that say we are nothing more than atoms colliding in space. We are so confused and generally turned off by metaphysical questions that if god were to manifest as an enormous tranny shouting ‘i’m so beautiful’ at us we would probably think it was a joke. O yes, he already did that. He was Divine.  Big, brazen and making a mockery of society’s uptight taboos.


Divinity pulses away inside us. It’s what gives us our sense of self, our ability to feel, think and act, to love and not-love, and it is creating our experience moment by moment guided by the thoughts, feelings and actions we put into the world. It is who we are. We cannot measure it with scientific instruments, or analyse it in a test tube – because we are it. The divinity in us is what inspires, motivates us to achieve things, keeps us going through life’s ups and downs. And the divinity within us wants to be brought out, born into the world as we discover and express our talents, deep truths and deepest feelings.


There are many ways to experience the divinity within us.  An easily achieved one is being naked with another person, or people, in an attitude of love and reverence. We soon feel that bodies are divine when we feel gratitude for how much pleasure they can bring us. Modern life keeps our mental faculties so occupied and over stimulated – getting out of the mind and into the body and feelings can bring us back in touch with our souls. Once we feel the soul, we can gain a lot from listening to it.


The deepest connections with other people come when we open to each other body, mind, heart and spirit – this engages the four elemental states through which divinity manifests in our universe: Earth, air, water and fire. To know ourselves, to find balance and peace in our lives we need to have active relationship with these fundamental forces. Air involves breathing deeply, knowing that we are drawing in prana, chi – lifeforce energy – along with oxygen. Earth means taking care of our bodies, eating well and exercising. Water cleanses and heals us –relaxed immersion in a bath is so good for us, but we mainly rush our ablutions with showers. And Fire – soothes our spirits, calms our minds and brings inspiration: but the modern world has cut us off from this crucial element. We no longer sit around campfires at night – something humans have done for millennia – so we miss the community bonding and healing this brings. Fire energy was channelled in the twentieth century into cigarettes -sold on the calming effect they have on the mind. Now that moment of inner peace is being firmly pulled away from us. Meanwhile as individuals lose touch with fire energy, nuclear power stations sit around the coastlines of the world, overheated concentrations of fire energy that threaten hideous destruction to humans and all life on earth.


Out in nature we can experience the interplay of the elements, slow down and tune into the divine presence in all things. Churches and temples are designed to evoke the same awe and magic in us that nature can. This divine presence is, according to many mystics, the feminine aspect of the Unity. The goddess – called shakti in hinduism, shekhinah to the jews and the holy spirit in christianity – is in everything. The father god is often depicted as being outside of space and time, shiva on mount kailash or the heavenly father of the monotheists, while it is the mother that gives us life – together the mother and father energies of creation manifest in us, they are present as the anima and animus, and all the other archetypes. The book of Genesis says that God created humans ‘male and female, in his image.’ To know the divine we can turn within and ask the divine mother to show us, and using meditation, prayer, chant, fasting, dance and many other ritual practices we can explore the inner world, which is infinite – and eternal. As awareness of the divine grows in us we come to see more clearly the presence of divinity in the people and the world around us, as creation reflects backs to us what we are becoming.


But the world situation at the moment keeps people locked in fear. Media bombards us every day with all the misery and pain humans inflict on each other.  The age old practice of ‘divide and conquer’ is still in use by the leaders of our nations and the corporate powers that are holding the world to ransom.  Expanding the economy seems to be the only preoccupation of our political leaders, although we are using up the earth’s resources and creating massive climate change through our behaviours.   The arguments between religion, which can seem so full of superstitious nonsense to an educated mind, and science, which presents much knowledge but no answers to the deepest questions we humans ask about life, keep the world in ignorance of the simple divine reality. Most of the people on the planet have swallowed the lies about life whole. For example regarding sexuality…. religion wanted to tell us sex is for procreation only, and somehow unclean. Science wants to say it’s just exchange of bodily fluids and pleasure….. But we can also know sex as also a means to expand our souls, connect our energy fields – our spirit – to that of others, to rise in ecstatic joy to awareness of our spiritual selves and our divine potential. Ancient pagan and tantric cultures knew this well. By keeping sex taboo, or simply functional, we are cut off from its heavenly purpose.


Another taboo area is death. We are conditioned by society and religion to fear death, we keep it out of sight and it is considered quite normal to suffer greatly when it happens to someone we care about. Yet death is a certainty in everybody’s life. It is utterly utterly natural. Societies that accept reincarnation get much less upset about death, they honour its mysteries and even celebrate it. Death may well be where the soul rests between lives, and we willingly switch off and visit that place every night when we sleep. Being afraid of death, or in denial about it, keeps us closed off from the spirit, from the eternal part of ourselves, ie our own divinity.


I write this offering as October starts and the Samhain season approaches. Samhain gives us a chance to honour death, to look at our feelings about it, to acknowledge our fears and maybe even let them go, transforming them into awareness of eternal life and the divinity that pulses through all existence.


Look how amazing our bodies are. How rich our emotions. How clever our minds. Divinity rages, soars and burns in us. It is quite possible that we are souls that have been living, loving, growing and dying on this planet for a very long time, divine spirits on a mission to make it home. And we almost there. The divinity in us will awaken, whether we acknowledge it or not, will drive us crazy if we don’t and perhaps will if we do. The vibration of life on earth has been speeding up for a long time now, we are closer to a breakthrough point, when dimensions collide and a new divine humanity rises like a phoenix from the ashes of the old world and its destructive ways.  There are still maybe more militant illusionists (those who insist the 3d reality is the sum total of existence) on the planet than there are awakened souls.  But our numbers are growing and we have one advantage over the illusionists – we are learning to face our fears and be ready for a profound change in life on earth as 3d becomes multidimensional and the mother of us all comes home.


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