Death blog – Samhain 2013

What is death? What is life?

Life without death has no meaning

Life does not exist without death

Wherever there is life there is death

And we cannot hide from it

Death is a change, a process, it is necessary for life

Western societies have demonised death.

But why? Due to fear and ignorance

Because there is something to be afraid of after death

What is it? What is God?

They are truly afraid of God and He is life itself

So they stay away from death and by doing so they stay away from life as well



Day is balanced by night. Summer is balanced by winter. Female by male. Right by left.

Life is balanced by death. 


Modern culture in the west has cut us off from our own deep inner understanding of death and the spirit realms. The process started under the monotheistic religious hegemony as the priests made entry into heaven dependent on obeying the rules set down for life, but modern generations are afraid of death also because the rationalist atheistic worldview denies that there is any possibility that our core substance, our sense of self, survives the demise of the body. 


Yet the world is still full of believers in the spirit, whose hearts just cannot let go of faith entirely just because the mind tells them to. The heart knows through feelings, which are deeper than words, more ancient and more in touch with the profound and the sacred. And increasingly there are believers who have removed themselves from the philosophical grip of mainstream religion and prefer to think for themselves, respecting and learning from all the mystical pathways of planet earth rather than making one right and the others all wrong, and from direct interaction with spirit.


Belief in a divine source and presence within creation leads to experience of that blessed sacred being, which can come in many many ways. It can manifest as inner peace, ecstatic joy, powerful love for all beings, creative outbursts, and possibly direct communication, in words, pictures or feelings, with higher levels of consciousness. Experience leads to faith and the realisation that the divine presence is alive in all beings, giving life to all beings and knowing itself through all beings. Humans really are incredible creatures, but to discover our potential we need to face our fears, the biggest of which is usually god and death. Atheists who have blocked god entirely out of their lives often carry a massive fear that they have got it wrong, that the judgemental punishing god of the monotheists exists. This attitude and fear leads to the denial of metaphysical, ecstatic, sacred experience, and often to the vile disrespect of those for whom these things are a part of life. The good news is that god is love: god, as the shaman says, is life itself. To get to know god-ness, focus on that, not on myths designed to scare the populace into obedience, and we can move on from the age of patriarchal control via religion, and from the conflict and blandness of spirit-denying life


If we open ourselves to the flow of spirit through life and feel the existence of eternity within our own being, it gets easier to drop the fear of death. Then we really can become more alive, in the moment, open to what the universe offers us. We can drop the emotional loads we carry and forgive ourselves and others for the mistakes we have made due to fear or ignorance. We can literally enter into a new life, reborn to be miracle workers and help humanity GROW UP. We can talk about god until the cows come home and go out again, and enjoy doing so. There is no need to argue over each other’s depictions of the ineffable and infinite.


The indigenous shamans of the planet are holding the energy, keeping the wisdom alive, and waiting for the ‘civilised’ world to catch up. The Samhain – Hallowe’en – season gives us the chance to give death some attention. The veils between spirit and material planes are said to be at their thinnest at this point of the seasonal cycle, as the year wanes and the darkest time of the year begins. Remembering our ancestors, our loved ones who have passed through the veil, helps us to make friends with death, feel the love that hides in the darkness, lose some of our fears around dying and so start to live more freely and joyously as the wheel turns and the celtic new year arrives.


Life and Death having a conversation where Life asks, “How come people love me yet hate you?” and Death replies, “Because you are a beautiful lie and I’m a painful truth.” Life is called Maya by the Hindus and Samsara by the Buddhists, an illusion of separation and suffering to be seen through, understood and transcended.  Making peace with death is the fastest way to do that.


At the blessed season of Samhain, may all beings in all worlds live in peace and happiness.








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  1. Hi Shokti

    I really enjoy your way of thinking. I have stated some Shamanic counselling a few weeks ago and am findin it stimulating and hopefully life asserting to say the least. Maybe we could share tales? My wordpress is hope we can have a chat and share some ideas 😉

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