A little holy spirit sat watching the earth and sighed at the incessant pace of late twentieth century life, at the destruction of the planet  and the despair rife among the people.  Technology and wealth should be humanity’s ground for spiritual elevation, but were instead being used to keep everyone caught in the insatiable grasp of the soulless military-industrial machine.  She thought to herself: maybe I could remind those people down there that it’s worth to slow down and appreciate life, help them see that their false gods money, fame, politics and religion are making them blind to the big picture of who they are and what life is all about.  She thought, maybe i can encourage the development of compassion and tolerance to bring humanity to the start of the long awaited age when love will rule the world.


She looked around the planet to find people who would be most receptive to her message, those poised ready for an evolutionary leap, which brought her to men exploring sexual extremes with other men, to drug users stretching human perception into mystical realms, and a whole continent of people not as deeply involved in the manic rush of capitalism as the rest of the world – and so ready to remember the deeper qualities of being alive.


There is nothing like facing death to make us appreciate being alive. A brush with death can clear the deepest depressions and give us a boost of vitality. Facing our mortality offers us the chance to bring perspective in our lives, help us to choose the most authentic ideals that we wish to live by, and gets us in touch with the bigger picture, the spirit behind and within all creation, from which we are never really separate.


She came to give us this gift. She wanted to show us the beauty available in each moment, if we simply step aside from the rat race, let go of our issues and our hunger and simply be the eternal presence of self that we actually are. She wanted us to see that death is a passing through the veil to a place we know well. We should not be afraid, for in the moment of death the bigness of the universe becomes clear and present to us and we will happily merge with it, knowing it is what we really were all along.

This little holy spirit wonders why she has been so hated, so feared on planet earth, why her gift has been so unwelcomed.  But she knows why – it’s because death has been made taboo, something to be afraid of and turn away from.  She waits patiently, many souls inviting her into their life experience each year, until the day we dare to say THANK YOU AIDS – for coming to teach us that MOST OF WHAT WE BELIEVE ABOUT DEATH IS A LIE.  Truth will come when we embrace who we really are.

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