MARS IN LIBRA December 7, 2013 – July 25, 2014

Mars symbolises the active yang energy of our consciousness, named after the Roman god of war – it represents how we go about getting what we want, how we assert ourselves and how we defend when under attack. Mars is raw power, can be very destructive, but when under the guidance of the higher self becomes the energy that enables us to achieve our goals, to express and assert our individuality.


Mars usually spends 6 weeks travelling through each sign of the zodiac, but every two years has a retrograde cycle – this is coming up from 1st March to 20th May 2014, with the result that Mars is spending over 7 months in the sign of Libra.


For the last 6 weeks Mars has been situated in the service-oriented sign of Virgo, so our ‘yang’ energy has been available for getting practical things achieved. Libra is the sign of justice, equality and relationships, and seeks harmony in all things. So these next months will bring good energy for projects that involve cooperation, partnership and justice.


Mars in Libra values logic and reason over emotional influences when making decisions. Mars is an effective negotiator in the sign of the scales, he becomes a soldier for justice. His charm becomes a means to an end, though indecision can result from the Libran ability to see all sides of an issue. And here’s the rub – Venus currently in Capricorn (until March 5th) seeks love relationships built on solid foundations that can stand the test of time, but Mars in Libra simply wants a relationship, and will use his charm to get one. Mars is the self-assertive executor of personal will – but Libra is the sign of partnership and cooperation. This means we could be in for a rocky 7 months when harmony may be hard to find. So we better watch out for passive aggressive energies when conflict is brewing, be alert to the danger of relationship strife – and angry social disruption.


Mars in Libra may lead us to initiate new relationships, or to seek more independence in our existing ones, and during this time patience with others may be short. We would do well to overcome the Martian assertiveness, remember that others do not necessarily see things as we do, to consciously seek harmonious solutions to issues with our loved ones.


Mars is all about passion, and during this period can bring sexual tensions and competitiveness, enhanced creativity and exciting, invigorating experiences. In summary, Libra is about balance, harmony and partnership but Mars is about self-will, assertion and aggression. Knowing this could help us to keep things in perspective, avoid destructive emotional extremes and to channel our energies into creative expression. With Mars in Libra we do well to try to keep mind body and spirit in alignment, resisting the urge to overindulge in any direction, and balance can be found.


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