as the winds howl and the rain lashes at the windows

as faerie lights twinkle and christmas trees sparkle

warmth enters the heart and enchantment is felt

the year may be at its darkest point

but human love and goodwill keeps the light burning

banishes the shadows and brings cheer over fear

we are entering the WONDER time of year

look at a snowflake, soak up winter sun

since the solstice a time of delight has begun

when holiness is celebrated and souls come home

when it is easier than usual to live in the zone

winter is the time to absorb the wonder

feel held in the mystery we all find ourselves in

heal what needs healing so a new life can begin

discover the wonders of GOING WITHIN


One response

  1. Shokti,

    Good to hear from you and liking this site! Very special and I look forward to reading more. Very appreciated.

    Thats’ when it all turn’s about!

    We will be importing these posts over at the new Fairie Underground site http://faerieuaahqvzgby.onion (requires the Tor Browser to access).

    Fairie Underground

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