Dear Faeries of Europe

Dear Euro Faerie Kin

our early gatherings were brave, pioneering and extremely blessed. When I found the tribe in 2001 on the island of Terschelling there was a deep anchored zone of trust, affection, glamour and play going on. The magic boy shone out in every faerie and I figured this was a home in which we guys could feel safe to let down the barriers and play with all the joy we had once known as an innocent child. This was a return to childhood to relive camaraderie and delight in the company of other boys but this time without the taboos around sexuality, camp and sharing affection that at some point had limited, or shattered, our childhood experience of this heavenly scenario.


I had been studying the world’s spiritual and mystical traditions for six years leading up to my arrival in faerieland, and immediately I saw that our childlike return to innocence was a gateway to the spiritual dimensions. Dropping our judgements and fears of each other allowed our souls to join in many magical ways, our gatherings became a dance seemingly coordinated invisibly from spirit. Closeness to nature and closeness to each other through heart centred sharing and living together made this miracle possible. We made our own rituals, honouring nature, remembering the goddess, celebrating love. I felt part of an Aquarian brotherhood and am super proud in the last decade to have been part of developing faerie space in the UK and getting our first european sanctuary, Folleterre, up and running in France (and now we have faerie home in Austria too)


Not every faerie was as delighted to see the spiritual promise of what we were doing together. Some have hang ups about god and goddess, about spirit, and cannot easily let go of the rational scientific outlook that has served us well during the decades of our queer emancipation. These faeries really just wanted to play, they wanted this dream of childhood to continue eternally. On the other hand, some of us found the emphasis on play, on drag and laughter a little relentless and were keen to acknowledge the spiritual potential in what we were doing by injecting more shamanism, more ritual, more light.


A few years on, and both the play aspect and the shamanic spark of faerie space are going strong. We have a remarkable community in which our emotions and spirituality are honoured, in contrast to most of mainstream gay life. We have opened the doors and our hearts to women and trans faeries, and our spaces are evolving. Folleterre is running spring-autumn calendar of gatherings, there has been a (perhaps final) return to Terschelling, gatherings in Berlin and in 2013 for the first time one in Austria. The Albion branch of the euro-tribe now holds gatherings in Glastonbury, the UK centre of all things mystical, as well as Northumberland castle Featherstone. At every gathering some new faeries are welcomed into the magic, and experienced faeries gradually gain in confidence, bringing more joy and magic to the pot. Our spaces are all about what each bring to them. They are superbly aquarian in the way anybody can initiate, and nobody has to ‘lead’. We are exploring self-knowledge, relationship and community in truly radical ways – exploring who we are on every level. We are a spiritual force, because in our spaces we heal our spirits, and expand them… We heal our hearts and expand them. We open our minds and we shower each other’s bodies and whole beings with affection, touch and love. Stuff we all need.


Faerie space is not about finding the ‘right’ spiritual attitude, or joining any belief system. It is a space in which we can all follow our own spirit, get to know ourselves as spirit as well as flesh, where we can release limiting beliefs and inherited shame, guilt and fear, freeing ourselves from religious or atheistic mindsets that cripple the soul and entering into the rainbow age of aquarius. All we really have to do is open our hearts and it all starts to work.


But we do need to let the inner child come out and play. If we do not, then we become more reliant on other means to build connection – alcohol, drugs, exaggerated sexuality: the things the commercial scenes sell so well. At faeries we discovered there is a more fundamental and healthy route to the bliss of loving community – it requires honesty, openness, vulnerability, innocence and trust. Let’s not overlook these factors in our rush for joy and celebration. What makes us radical is how REAL we are. Life offers lots of ways to escape pain and suffering, faerie life offers the chance to pull those things out at the root as the divine child in us finds rebirth and the chance to revel in who he/she really is.


Please let us acknowledge too that faerie space is part of a bigger, global, energy of transformation. We are part of the rainbow movement of personal liberty and soul growth. We are bearers of light giving birth to the Aquarian age, scouts of consciousness exploring deep and real ways of being with each other, we are heart warriors and signs to both the lgbt community that spirituality can be lived joyfully, on our own terms, and to the wide world that queers are waking up to the light and discovering our special relationship with it.






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  1. Thank you, great writing! I agree that towards the end it’s most excellent. You may have achieved the inachievable: defining the Faeries. 🙂

    • there will always be as many definitions as there are faeries, and then as many as there are academics who wanna study us. i would like to read more from other faeries on how they ‘define’ or describe our ‘development in gay consciousness’ (HH)

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