Spiritual Sex – What Is It?

I was asked today what is the thing about spirituality and sex?

we can probably all agree that good sex is a meeting and merging of two (or more) human energy fields in a harmonious and erotic way. we know (and if we don’t we can probably imagine) how good it can be.

i think spiritual sex is getting the most out of connection by expanding the ways in which we create it, ways we express it, and by bringing more awareness and unconditional love to the experience

finding the powerful connection that comes from being fully present with someone, turned on, trusting, heart excited, attentive to their pleasure and able to easily give and receive

intensity of connection removes or reduces the need for chemicals which are used by many to enhance the sexual experience, to overcome shyness, nerves etc. chemicals may have their sacramental place in the sexual universe but preferably after the art of connecting and erotic play have been learnt well

casual sex can be intensely spiritual because it can be easy to have a clear energy field with each other.. connecting on pure lust… even pure love?… no hang ups or secrets to get in the way of great fucking….. we get to shag the raw archetypal energy of the sex partner, eg the masculinity or femininity they embody, the vision and feeling we have of them as a sex god for example, without knowledge of who they are on a personal level (which might cloud our illusion)

when we know a sex partner on a personal level and love is present possibilities of bliss abound and multiply, as we can make love to both the individual and the archetypal (the infinite) energy of the person….. to their body and their soul

breathing practices, bondage/domination-sm, tantric touch, toys, stimulation of the senses can expand our repertoire to enhance the re-uniting of our souls through bodily contact

there is glory in our flesh and eternity in our hearts

and there is one more thing:

is a love-filled miracle where shamanic ritual meets bdsm meets tantra
a few dozen beings of the many gendered, multi-splendoured queer universe
will gather to celebrate the divine lustiness of the lifeforce in our loins
the passion of the poundings in our hearts
the infinite possibilities of our minds
and the erotic dance of existence

in a special venue in south london on sunday may 4th 2014 6pm to midnight
send an email to  radicalqueerloverite@gmail.com to book tickets


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