The Awakeners are Here to Change Everything

The veils fell away one by one. I became aware of new layer after new layer, counting 10, then 12, then 14 then 24 levels to this Consciousness that We Are, to this Multiverse. Ladders into heaven appeared in my mind and snakes – also in the mind – would send me zooming back down to earth, sometimes with a harsh bump… but soon the rising, the soaring, the merging would begin again.


Up and down the layers I travelled, in some inspired to write, in others to draw, or wax poetic, or simply dream and follow the visions. Sometimes the visions seemed to become tangibly manifest around me, signs and wonders appearing at every turn. I felt the rush day after day and night after night, going up to the roof of my apartment under the stars to watch light reigning down on the earth, going deep inside myself and discovering knowledge, voices and images I had no idea were hiding there.


It was 1995 and impending death through aids had brought me to the edge of our physical reality. I could see into the spiritual realms, becoming sensitive to their energies and experiencing those realms manifest and channel their spirit through me.


It felt exciting, awe-inspiring and also like this was going to happen to everyone. It seemed my condition had produced in me an acceleration of human evolution – the natural consequence of a few millennia of intensive human settlement, science and education, and the natural consequence for me of getting ready to leave this body…. the fulfilment of a story in which we are souls, not one-lifetime body-minds, suddenly reaching the point where we are ready to REMEMBER …. ready to AWAKEN….. ready to REALISE….. ready to SEE that we have been here for a very long time indeed. Souls reaching the point where we can know – while still in the body – that we have been travelling and searching and growing on this planet in order to come to this point of RECALL where all would be revealed: we would see and understand our journeys and realise we are immortal. Body after body we have lived and loved and learnt and lost. But now we would see there was a point to it all – we took this journey to bring consciousness into matter, so that we could live as enlightened, unencumbered, eternal and free beings IN PHYSICAL FORM.


As my mind dropped the worries and demands of normal life that keep us anchored in this 3d reality it became a vast empty space into which faces and voices, wisdom and wonder from all around the galaxy could enter. We have the perfect transmitter and receiver in our brain that can reveal us to be part of a vast cosmic intelligence. We have the perfect vehicle in the form of our physical bodies that can channel the highest vibrations of divine light and infinite, unconditional love – it is simply up to us to discover how to use our minds and bodies to their full capacity. While we are obsessed with ego desires, careers, mortgages and life’s trivialities we are unable to do so.


I soon worked out that what was happening to me had happened to various individuals throughout human history – these people became the mystics and artists of history – and that many individuals had been having similar cosmic revelations since the 1960s. But I could also see that a great awakening was not going to come to the whole world overnight, though I felt it might be just a decade or two away.


2012 stood out as the likely turning point when this Ascension of Consciousness might spread across the planet. Having been experiencing the interplay of the worlds, the coupling and uncoupling of the layers of the Multiverse for 17 years by that point, I looked less for a massive shockwave of change and tuned more to finding other people who had also passed into this new understanding of consciousness, so that we could together honour and celebrate the process we are all in. I know many are disappointed that 2012 did not seem to deliver a planetary shift, but we are talking about a huge evolutionary leap here, like nothing else ever before on this planet, and to imagine it could happen on one date, or in one year, is pushing it. We are in a process of transformation that has been accelerating for decades and which has lots of surprises to deliver yet.


Now I sense that not everybody on the planet will make the leap. The world is becoming split into those who are entering a new paradigm of unity over duality, of peace over conflict, of awareness over ignorance and those who are just not ready for that yet. These ones will continue to create dualistic conditions in which to grow and learn. The trouble is that these dualistic, conflict minded people generally have hold of the reigns of power (politics, police, military), fill the media with their views, and run the businesses that are exploiting the planet and her inhabitants.


At this moment in time I know there are lightworkers who are feeling deeply downtrodden by the madness and unfairness and cruelty in the world. Some of them are escaping the game through drugs or even suicide. Hang on! The going is tough because there is all to play for. To them and to all beings of love out there I say:


Those who are awakening have our own form of power. It comes from the positive vibrations we put into life, the love we pour into the world, and the light we shower on those still stuck in darkness. At times it seems as if the stupid, fear based version of reality will never let go… but it must. The veils will fall, one at a time.


Nobody said it would be easy. Like in any good blockbuster, the dark forces keep fighting back. But they are part of the Whole, without them we cannot reach the greater light. With our energies combined and cooperating in the creation of LIGHT, JOY, FREEDOM, LOVE AND PEACE the Awakeners are here to change everything.


The veils do fall and we shall see

We have always been in Eternity.





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