Contribution to The Holy Male magazine, Volume 3, June 2014

The awakening
has been delayed... 
because the angel men are snorting and slamming.  
Their angelic light cannot be seen yet, 
they are keeping their ability to connect the worlds to themselves
adoring and worshipping the spirit in each other but forgetting everyone else.  
They keep so much light to themselves that it makes them sick. 

I think it's basically repressed shame, fear, guilt - all the feelings that religion 
forced on us and we have run away from - that prevents gay guys from seeing 
that sexuality itself is enough to open the gates to heaven, that we are holy, 
sex is holy, love is limitless, and our beautiful sexy bodies are glory incarnate.
Our vision is blocked too by the justifiable anger we hold inside at how we 
have been treated by religion and still are being treated around the world.
Powerful religions told us were evil, impure, sinners from birth.  The 
challenge to turn around these messages, that are deeply buried in our 
subconscious, is a big one.

We are good citizens, gay and happy and playing the game. We do not inflict 
our dark emotions on the world.  So our anger is held within us, blocking the
true flow of who we are, keeping our light dark.  How about we find ways to
move this energy... to express the anger, and the pain of the shame and fear...
to really scream out how much it has hurt to walk this path of self discovery as
queer people.  But then also celebrate proudly all the glories and heights of 
our gay nature as we have been doing proudly since the 70s.  If our culture 
could honour the extremes of emotion that life causes in us, our souls would
feel freer: we might still use drugs when we have fun, but they would become
sacraments amongst men who love each other fiercely - because we recognise 
the beauty and love and joy and magnificence of the divine being we each are, 
knowing that our love is powerful enough to bring light to the whole planet.

I do not mean to imply that all drug use is currently negative and unconscious:
 for many the ritual of weekend play is  a sacramental journey. Whether we 
use enhancements or not the act of sexual play is our modern form of worship.
We get out of our heads and into sensations.  We celebrate the glory of our 
bodies and worship the hell out of each other, hopefully installing some 
heaven in its place.  We spend some time in ecstatic states, which might lead
to a hangover, but also fills us with joyful vibrations that we benefit from, that
transform us.

Historically in western culture, sensitive men who did not wish to join wars, 
make commerce.... or take a wife.... have for many centuries gone into 
spiritual service in churches and monasteries. We served the community and
were natural channels of love, spirit and healing.  Secularism has led to the 
political and social emancipation of queer people, and the secular subculture
we have created largely ignores questions of spirit. Yet I experience that 
most gay people have some sense of the spiritual: many do not choose to 
explore that,  but some are active within established religions (some christian
 churches are super gay friendly but in the media we tend to only hear about
the ones that are not) and others, on the sidelines of gay life, are creating their
 own queer forms of healing community that embraces spirituality without
religion, eg the Radical Faeries.

Drugs are an easy way to feel a connection to expanded or higher 
consciousness, without doing the work to get there (or even having to 
open the mind to belief in spirit).  Many gay men are drawn into a world
of drugs perhaps because of the natural urge in us to know spirit, to be
its channel.  Shamans the world over have always used substances to
alter their perception.  We gentle, love-seeking, pleasure-driven men are
the shamans of the new global humanity.  In order to discover our power
we need to do more than kick out the negative conditioning of religion –
we have to embrace the full implications of the holiness of our bodies,
our hearts, our masculinity,  and of the sacred feminine that we also carry
within us.  Making love to each other then becomes the most sacred and 
satisfying act possible.

It’s always a huge turn on when I meet a man who does not want to take chemicals in order to enjoy sex. Then, without intoxicants, we can tune into each other body and soul, even if we have just met. Rather than drugs, the excitement comes from worshipping the divinity of this man – finding the powerful connection that comes from being fully present with him, turned on, trusting, heart excited, attentive to their pleasure and able to easily give and receive.

Casual sex can be intensely spiritual because it can be easy to have a clear energy field with each other.. connecting on pure lust… even pure love?… no hang ups or secrets to get in the way of great fucking….. we get to shag the raw archetypal energy of the sex partner, eg the masculinity or femininity they embody, the vision and feeling we have of them as a sex god for example, without knowledge of who they are on a personal level (which might cloud our illusion).

When we know a sex partner on a personal level and love is present possibilities of bliss abound and multiply – but if we are confident in our own hearts, ie in a state of love with ourselves, we can also share that love in a casual encounter. When our hearts are open and our sexual energy is rising, our ‘lightbodies’, ie our spirits, can switch on, our energy fields blaze and we bring light to the earth plane.

I see many gay male lightworker souls escaping into or lost in the underworld
of drugs and sex.. ie avoiding their destiny, running away from life's wish that 
they learn about who they really are and serve humanity.   Yet they are 
constantly reaching into the high vibrational world of light and spirit we came 
to work with and bring to earth, for their own pleasure.  We can do more with
this sacred power than satisfy our cravings (and still enjoy those too), if we 
learn how to use it.

Worshipping the holy male opens the gates to heavenly energies, this is one
of the gifts we gay men bring to earth.
The world is waiting for us to wake up and deliver.
"The Holy Male seeks to give voice to the spiritual lives of 
queer men and while doing so allowing them to express the
 breadth of their experience in it’s totality including the 
crude and sexy bits. We aim to use mind body and spirit to
create art, words and ritual, we share this experience through
print, and various artistic modalities, but always with the 
intention of healing and mending the hearts and souls of boys."
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