clues we live in a magically created reality

The first clue that we live in a magically created reality is that the earth is exactly the right distance from the sun to create perfect conditions for life


The second clue is that the moon is exactly the right size and right distance from the earth to exactly cover the sun at certain full moons giving us total eclipses


The third clue is that the earth wobbles, just the right amount each year to give us seasonal shifts, which create cycles of growth and decay for all nature, and us


The fourth is that nature is not only about survival of the fittest and strongest… it is also about beauty, delicacy, adaptability and play


The fifth is that we are here at all…. thinking, feeling, seeing, hearing, smelling, touching…. witnesses each day to the miracle of creation, aware of its range from the subatomic to the infinity of the universe


The sixth is that the planets of the solar system reflect the structure/archetypal pattern of our consciousness and the zodiac constellations through which sun and planets appear to pass reflect the 12 stages of consciousness growth that we experience here on the earth


The seventh is the interplay of opposites .. .dark and light, male and female, above and below etc… that operate in this field of reality. When we embrace those opposites within ourselves we unlock much power and enter fully into the magic as conscious co-creators


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