The planet of Love, Venus, joins the Sun, Mercury, Lilith and Jupiter in the fire sign Leo on August 12th. The strong summer energies already rocking the world since solstice are about to get a huge boost from the goddess. The Sun’s arrival in Leo brought a rush of sexual, expressive, creative energy at the end of July, boosted enormously by Jupiter’s arrival in the sign just a few days earlier. The contrast to the introverted, emotional energies of the previous month when the sun was travelling through the water sign Cancer, was dramatic. New moon a week into the Leo month when sun and moon align in the sign was a portal into a month promising good times and love abundant – if we in a position within ourselves to step up to the challenge of the Lion – to be proud of who we are, to enjoy showing the world our best features and to enjoy the love and security of being part of a pack. Leo energy thrives on the expression of individuality, but comes across best when held within the strength of a well connected group.

The Lammas Full Moon in Aquarius on Sunday 10th, a Supermoon because of its proximity to the earth, highlights this balance between the individual and the group or wider society. Aquarius loves the spirit of souls united in common purpose. Leo is about being and showing the best and brightest of who we are within the wider context.

And along comes Venus. She has been hanging out in Cancer since July 18th, bringing good loving vibrations, inclining us to tenderness, romance, devotion, affection and attachment. In Leo she wants love – and sex – full on and with feeling. For a few weeks she is going to be pushing our buttons. With Mars in Scorpio seeking deep experiences and not afraid to take risks, we should be in for a glorious second half of summer, on the inner planes at least should the weather take another route.

Will this produce a wave of love around the planet?  We are living in serious times.  Sun, Mercury and Jupiter are joining Lilith, who is on a 9 month journey through Leo.  She represents the angry feminine – a force much repressed around the world and desperately seeking to express her outrage at humanity’s worst actions.  Recent horrors have provoked all kinds of emotions among the people of earth.  We are angry, and looking for answers. 

The aligned planets in Leo are making a square to Saturn in Scorpio, so also at this time the more serious energies of release and renewal that Saturn brings are peaking.  This weekend’s full moon is unlikely to manifest as a big party spirit.  Lammas involves accepting loss, involves some looking within as we let go of childish or outmoded ways of being, habits and attitudes.  There is a new world to be created, and that takes some focus.

Compassion for those in suffering because of the cruel actions of others must be at an all time high around the planet. Can enough of us see now that more fighting, more hatred, is not the answer –  can enough of us see that LOVE is the most powerful energy on the planet, LOVE is what will change the world – it is sustainable, green and infinite – and we are its generators.

venus in leo

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