Faeries and the Shift of the Ages

Radical Faeries are involved in a groundbreaking exploration of LOVE EXPANDED to embrace large numbers of people. We are exploring QUEER COMMUNITY where mainstream (hetero and homo) norms are questioned and our own radical queer sensibilities encouraged to emerge. Faerie space is about sharing, co-creation, openness, compassion… and self-discovery.

Subject-subject consciousness is an invitation to treat me as another you, and for me to consider you to be another me – to tune into the fact that we are all SOURCE: consciousness in a body, this biological vehicle offering the chance for the conscious force that permeates creation to focus its vision, ideas and skills. Harry Hay believed gay men have a special propensity for subject-subject consciousness in contrast to the hetero vision of the world – where they see ‘other’ we see ‘same’. I like to expand that and would say that the multi-gendered QUEER EYE on life is about breaking down all the walls humanity has put up between its various segments, freeing all human life from the chains of division and conflict – recognising that we ALL hold ALL the genders, all the faiths, all the races, all the potential of HUMANITY within our individual beings.

In faerie space we meet in circle. This immediately sets up a totally different dynamic from that of normal life: instead of hierarchy the circle invokes harmony. Everybody has an equal say. Energy flows around the circle, not between leaders and followers. In heart circles we experience the healing power of unconditional acceptance, of being heard without judgement by one’s peers…. we discover also that each other’s stories and emotional experiences often resonate with our own. Within the circle the presence of love and compassion grows, especially when we meet day after day at a gathering and allow our hearts to open to each other.

Faeries make rituals to attune our spirits to the seasonal cycles that nature carries us through. We love to celebrate full moons, equinoxes and solstices. Doing so helps us to remember that we are part of nature, subject to the same ebbs and flows of energy that She is. Rituals help to remind us we are part of the whole, not separate from it. They open pathways to connection and revelation, to healing.

The SHIFT OF THE AGES, suggests Shokti, comes when we humans realise that we are not separate individuals randomly bumping into each other on an uncharted journey through existence – but rather that we are the CONSCIOUS PRESENCE of that EXISTENCE, the intelligence, creativity and awareness of the UNIVERSE itself. We are not separate from it, except in that we each have a unique and valuable viewpoint on the whole. If consciousness is a plant, we are each a flower providing our own colour and scent to the world – but we are still part of the plant.

Shifting to this perspective on life is both easy and difficult. EASY because it is our natural condition, but HARD because all of human society works to tell us something else. This shift is going to take some time to spread around the world, and those amongst us who prefer to believe in HATRED, WAR AND CONFLICT will not give up their dark addiction willingly. In faerie spaces we can nurture the knowledge of unity, protect the truth of non-duality and encourage the magic of open connection to grow. Through joy, love, touch, compassion, sex, play etc we reawaken the magical child within us, who perceives intuitively the dance of creation and steps in to be part of it. Only gradually can the rational mind adapt to the new reality but regular immersions in the cauldron of love that is faerie space help a lot.

Time in nature, in our own queer tribal settings, disconnected from the media and technological dependency, allows for quietening of the mind, deepening of feeling and expansion in heart and spirit. We come to realise we are healers – that the calling for many queer people is to raise our energy from the sexual all the way to the spiritual, and explore the further shores of the great mystery that is LOVE. The world is waiting to share our homecoming.



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  1. This is a beautiful statement of the secret spiritually-aware gay men bring to the evolution of consciousness. As Shokti says, human beings “are the CONSCIOUS PRESENCE of that EXISTENCE, the intelligence, creativity and awareness of the UNIVERSE itself.”

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