sex: the pleasure principle

SEX, the church used to tell people, is for procreation

Sex, science says, is a biological experience

SEX, we all know, is really about pleasure

the principle abhorred by religion and ignored by science


pleasure is worship in its simplest form

by enjoying the physicality of being alive

we can lift ourselves into a life divine

this is the real sexual relovolution


repression breeds guilt, and fear and shame

so long we been caught up in this game

but bodies are holy and sex is communion

we create light through our acts of union


worship in the body

open mind and heart

the gateways to the soul will open

we are at the start

of the Age of Understanding and the Age of Light

first we gotta burn away

all that remains in Night


When men make love they create energy

this can feed the soul or drain its lifeforce

we can uplift, heal or feed on each other

are you my monster or are you my brother?

Men loving men no longer fight

we could be warriors of lust love and light

and learn to use our sexual fire

to burn away what remains in NIght



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