Suddenly the long summer ends. We in Britain don’t much like to praise our summers, but this one was pretty glorious. Feels almost shameful to say it when we know so well how much trauma and suffering is going on in the world, but there was much joy to be had this summer. Not only because of the weather – most of the tales coming to my ears about people’s experience in communal celebratory/exploratory settings this summer were good ones: for those engaging the journey of growth into higher consciousness the season was abundant in love and good spirit. Pity that some in the world are so attached to the old paradigm of conflict. While this situation continues we are not helpless – we can turn ourselves into beacons of peace and clarity in this confused and corrupt world. To change the world, change the self. Nature is our teacher.

Autumn brings a time of transition – one we can engage or resist, but nature is the boss and our resistance is basically useless. If we refuse the slowdown, the turn within, she will bring us sickness or challenge to force us to shift from the summer patterns of indulgence and pleasure into the fall time of productivity and preparation. Libra month is all about adaptation. It’s time to focus on relationships, creating harmony, beauty, resolving issues… and adapting to the new season. The energies are suddenly very different and our internal summer patterns need to change. We need to find the way into the wild, wet and turning-within spirit of the autumn.

October comes and the natural instinct in us is to make our homes cosy and our selves ready for the winter months. Slowing down after the summer helps keep us balanced and healthy. But it’s not time to hibernate yet. This October we are under the influence of a grand fire trine – Mars in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Leo – bringing strong waves of transformative energy with which to refocus, or reinvent, our lives. Time to contact our creativity, our self mastery. Full Moon in Aries on 8 October affirms this: it’s an ideal moment to become clear about who we are, what we want and where we are going. If you are lost in confusion on these points, this full moon – with total eclipse – should shake things up and direct you to some clarity. We all need reinvention from time to time, and this full moon is saying ‘be who you are’, remembering that that might be something very different from the world expects you to be. At Aries full moon let’s celebrate the fact that we are all so utterly unique.

Gradually the balancing, adjusting energies of Libra will give way to the Season of the Ancestors – Samhain, coming when the Sun reaches Scorpio in third week of October. The veils are thin and we have the opportunity to feel how close the spirit worlds are. Through our hearts we contact loved ones in the ether, and through the heart they can touch us, giving us reassurance to calm our own fears about dying and the mystery of life’s journey, maybe even bringing us closer to our own eternal selves. Spirit is close at this time of year, which we can make into a time when we let our mortal fears die and enter into the multidimensional dance of light, in which our human forms are simply colourful dots of energy within the vastness of what we really are. This Samhain can be a time for dancing with the bigger picture, holding the hands of ancestors and deeply feeling our Oneness with All.

As we do this we build up the energy of LIGHT, of HOPE, of PEACE. At the moment the other energy, that of hate and darkness, seems to be so strong in the world. All the more reason for us to act: to dance, to come into harmony with life itself, releasing our fears, bringing healing to each other and sending out our love into the world, sending our energy into the world’s trouble spots, offering there the spirit of tolerance, compassion and love.

Autumn is associated with the element of water. At this time of year feelings flow, sometimes wildly like the rain and wind. We do well to flow with the energies of the season: let go of our conditioned behaviours and thinking and let the spirit lead us to the place of healing, so that after the inner journey of the winter months we will be ready to emerge bright and bountiful into the Spring. Accepting this time of year, with its periods of inner focus and change, is the first step towards enjoying it. There are many riches to be enjoyed in every season. The Wheel turns and brings us home.

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