celebrate! CELEBRATE!

Rebirth is here

tis the season of the spirit

it’s pagan new year


Samhain comes, the wheel has turned, we have journeyed through four seasons and have the chance to rebirth ourselves, embracing all we have learnt and discovered during the year. The light has been strong. Winter was so long ago… many moons have waxed and waned…. life speeded up rapidly in the Spring, lessons and opportunities came thick and fast…. Summer was long, lush and highly charged. In the Autumn we learn to adjust to new realities after the ecstasies and adventures of the light half of the year. Since the Equinox we have been in a time of clearing, of coming to self with an understanding of our responsibilities and better idea hopefully of our unique gifts and talents, of the magical piece of the one colossal human jigsaw that we are.

Samhain is a chance to acknowledge and honour the journey and what we have learnt. As Pagans say, at this time the ‘veils between the worlds’ are at their thinnest: we can more easily attune ourselves to the bigger picture of Consciousness. At this time of year we do this by remembering the dead. We can build and stand humbly in front of a shrine to the beloved ancestors, recognising that they most certainly now understand more about the true spiritual reality we are all part of than we do here while in bodies. We can bow before the awesomeness of Spirit, however we perceive that, proud of our participation in the revelation of its might and beauty, (its power and glory), confident of its infinite compassion and love for all of creation, and willing: optimistic and open to the what we might become in the year now starting, as Spirit continues to grow and evolve as US.

We do not have to believe in a deity. Love is the deity. Love personifies in infinite ways. We are some of them. ‘Gods’ are others. Love is much more than the pursuit of the fulfilment of our needs through another person. Osho taught “Love is a tariqa, a method, to kill you as a separate individual and to help you become the infinite.” The ancestors know this. They are waiting for us to open our hearts to them and share this ultimately expansive awareness, this highly enlightening love, this spirit that transcends all drugs, all love affairs, all our seeking for fulfilment. And it is ours, Eternally. Our Inheritance, Our Birthright as Cosmic Human Beings.

We are flesh and blood.

We are mind and spirit.

At Samhain the gates to the Otherworld open

Demons do not flood out of the otherworld

Our demons flood into it.

This year let’s purge our demons and connect the worlds with ever unfurling unconditional LOVE


Friday 31st October.  Samhain Drum Circle. Brighton Unitarian Church. 7 to 11pm

London Heart Circle & discussion group – Tuesday 2nd November 7pm (venue tbc)

Friday 7th November. London Full Moon Drum Circle with Ancestor Remembrance and Animal Spirit journey.  Wheatsheaf Hall, Vauxhall SW8

Sunday 9th November.   Radical Queer LoveRite. 

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